8 Reasons for a Clogged & Running Toilet

Your toilet gets clogged often and runs frequently, and you have no idea what it’s all about? Perhaps you’ve unknowingly adopted some bad plumbing habits that might be causing all the issues? Or perhaps you’ve succumbed to one of numerous plumbing myths that end up causing more harm than good?

Whatever the reason may be, you should first consult an experienced plumber about your problems. It is only by finding a reliable plumbing service in Eastvale that you can truly be rid of a clogged and running toilet. But, first, take a look at all the potential causes of the issue.

Why does my toilet keep clogging?

If you notice that your toilet keeps getting clogged for no apparent reason, you should consider calling a plumbing professional to help you resolve the issue for good. You should also be familiar with the potential reasons behind a constantly-clogging toilet.

  • Early low-flow toilet

Why does my toilet keep cloggingModern low-flow toilets aim to save as much water as possible. However, the first-generation low-flow models tend to lack the pressure necessary to sufficiently flush and clean the drain and trap, which causes waste to remain in the toilet and line; causing frequent clogs. 

Take a look at the back of the toilet for a production date. If it was made during the 1990s, it’s an early low-flow design. However, if it is not within your budget to replace it, just use less toilet paper, avoid throwing any other items down your toilet, and give it a mid-way first flush if needed.

  • Flushing various items

Toilets are specifically designed to dissolve certain materials, like toilet paper which can easily degrade in water. However, throwing paper towels, disposable tissues, feminine products, dental floss or Q-tips can remain in the line and restrict drainage.

If your toilet or main line clogs frequently (more than one every six-months), talk to your family and other household members about which items not to flush down the drain.

  • Blocked toilet trap

The curved porcelain segment of your toilet holds standing water and keeps the sewer gases from finding their way into your home. However, it can become blocked and back-up your toilet. The industry standard trapway size is 2” diameter, however, some toilets are made with trapway sizes up to 2 ⅜”. The larger the toilet trapway, the better the overall flush performance will be so keep this in mind when it is time to replace your old toilet and select a newer, more efficient model.

  • Blocked plumbing vent

Most modern toilets use roof vents to intake fresh air into your plumbing system in order to stop the air-pressure vacuum that hinders drain flow. This vent can become blocked with sticks, leaves, or animal nests. This blockage will reduce drain flow, causing frequent clogs. For blocked plumbing vents, we recommend a professional plumber since this most likely requires special tools and can be a risky issue to resolve.

  • Sewer line issues

Sometimes, the cause of the frequent clogs has nothing to do with the user. For example, there might be a problem with the sewer line if backups reoccur without any apparent reason.

If your toilet keeps getting clogged, and you’re abiding by all the rules, it is time to contact a plumbing pro to have them run a sewer camera down the sewer line to check for roots, or breaks in the line that could be preventing water and waste to properly flow to the city sewer, or septic tank.

Why does my toilet keep running?

A running toilet is not only a nuisance, it can be costly due to excess water use. Especially in California where homeowners pay a premium for water usage! Here are the four most common reasons behind a running toilet:

  • High float

If the float is too high, there will be too much water in the tank, which will cause your toilet to keep running. If this is the cause, adjusting the float lower will reduce the amount of water in the tank, and stop it from running.  If the float is no longer working, it may be time to replace it.

  • Leaking flapper

With time, flappers become corroded and no longer seal as well as they should, which allows continuous water to flow into the bowl. To replace your flapper, you will need to know the size of your current one in order to get the correct replacement part. Also beware that while many toilets can use universal parts, some do not and require proprietary parts that are made by the specific manufacturer of your toilet, and for your specific model. A professional plumbing company will have access to these parts.

  • Long refill tube

The refill tube is what pumps the water into the bowl. If it’s too long, or improperly positioned, it can make your toilet run constantly. If shortening the refill tube was overlooked when your toilet was installed, a professional plumber can take care of this in no time and rid your household of this issue for good.

  • High water pressure

Water pressure flowing through the pipes in your home should range between 50psi-75psi.  If it exceeds this range, the impact on fixtures is that it causes leaks and causes plumbing components (such as toilet parts) to wear down and malfunction.  Every time a plumber services your home, have them test your water pressure to make sure it is operating at a safe range.  If it exceeds 75psi, it may be time to adjust or replace your home’s water pressure regulator.

Why does my toilet keep runningWhat is the best plumbing company in Eastvale, CA?

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