Chino Hills Water Leak Detection Checklist

Leak Detection Checklist

Water conservation is a significant concern of Southern California Cities and Counties these days. So significant, that many cities have implemented water conservation programs, incentives and campaigns to help consumers reduce their water use.

OneStop Plumbers recently stumbled upon a pretty good plumbing checklist guide put together by the Chino Hills that includes a “how to” section on water leak detection and repair of toilets, faucets and shower heads.

Regardless if you live in Chino Hills, Corona, Riverside or any other Southern California city, installing water-saving devices and flow restrictors, regularly testing and repairing water leaks in and around the home, and putting into practice the water-saving tips shared by the Chino Hills will surely help you conserve water while reducing the amount you spend on your water bill each month. It’s important to know why slab leaks happen, and act fast if you suspect of one.

If you live in the city of Corona, you can get water-saving devices for free by contacting the city’s department of water and power.


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