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We’re a company that specializes in performing professional drain cleaning and unclogging services across Corona and all of its surrounding areas. We possess the skills and the knowledge to clean different types of drains in your residential or commercial property, including main water lines, exterior area drains, kitchen drains, shower and sink drains, toilets and toilet drains, and laundry drains. We use advanced technology to provide a professional service that will fully restore the functionality of your drains without using overly intrusive methods.

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We’re a family owned and operated company that focuses on giving our customers a service they’ll be completely satisfied with. We separate ourselves from the rest by offering:

  • Transparent pricing and honest service without hidden costs
  • Certified and skilled plumbers with many years of experience
  • Completely free cost estimates
  • Advanced tools, equipment, and technology
  • Same-day appointments and longer working hours

This is how we make sure all our customers in Corona and the area receive the same level of service for drain cleaning and unclogging.

Our plumbers make all the difference

We’ve assembled a team of knowledgeable and experienced plumbers who specialize in performing expertise-based drain unclogging and cleaning services in Corona and the area. Our plumbers are certified professionals who use advanced technology to ensure a consistently high level of service our customers expect from us. We carefully interview and vet all prospective candidates before allowing them to become part of our team of experts. This is how we manage to remain one of the top plumbing companies in the area.


We’ll first perform a comprehensive inspection of your drain system.


During inspections, our technicians will detect the problems they need to resolve.


Upon locating the clog, we’ll proceed to clean your drains and unclog them.


Finally, our plumbers will perform the final testing to ensure proper operation.

Explore the benefits of professional drain cleaning and unclogging

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Hiring professionals to perform detailed cleaning and unclogging of your drains will introduce the following benefits into your commercial or residential space in Corona:

  • Enhanced drainage
  • Prevention of more serious and costly problems
  • Reduced future potential for blockages and clogs
  • Elimination of unpleasant odors
  • Reduced risk of water damage and leaks
  • Improved pipe durability and longevity
  • Prevention of tree root intrusion

This is why you shouldn’t postpone your drain cleaning and why you should hire the professionals today!

Waste no time – we’ll get your drains clean in no time!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do plumbers unclog the main drain?

Plumbers from Corona perform main drain unclogging services following the two main principles – drain rooting and hydrojet drain cleaning.

Their choice between these two approaches depends on the unique circumstances of your situation and the blockage you might be facing.

What does a drain rooter do?

This is our most common type of drain cleaning service plumbers from Corona perform. They place a commercial grade snake down the drain line to remove one-time waste build-up.

If you have a toilet backup but all other drains are draining properly then a less costly auger service may be all you need to clear the blockage and get the toilet draining properly again.

Reputable plumbers should always attempt this low-cost auger option first prior to removing the toilet and snaking the drain line. If the auger doesn’t work and a full snake service is needed, you only pay for the toilet snake service!!

Is hydrojet drain cleaning worth it?

If the backup is more severe than a typical snake/rooter service, the next step is to flush the drain line with our 400psi hydrojet jetter equipment.

The hydrojet is ideal for grease or waste that is highly compacted in the drain line and cannot be freed by a snake alone.

The hydrojet pushes a significant amount of pressure and liquid down the drain to break through the compacted buildup and ensure comprehensive cleaning and unclogging. The hydrojet is also ideal to remove a small to moderate infestation of roots that may be growing in the drain line.

How much does it cost to clean your drains?

The price of drain cleaning and unclogging in Corona depends on factors such as the method implemented and the type of drain you’re cleaning.

That’s why the only way to find out the exact price is to contact a reputable plumbing company and allow them to offer a cost estimate based on the information you provide.

Who performs the comprehensive drain cleaning and unclogging services in Corona & the area?

At OneStop Plumbers, we’re completely committed to helping home and business owners across Corona and the surrounding areas keep their drains in good conditions, preventing potential for floods and other water intrusion problems.

We offer a wide range of professional drain services that also include:

We employ only the most experienced, qualified, and skilled plumbers capable of operating per our high standards of quality. They’ll spruce up your drains whether your property is located near Chino Hills State Park or close to Santiago Peak. All you have to do is give us a call and tell us how we can help you. The rest is our job.

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