Did You Know You Can Protect Your Home Against An Earthquake Triggered Gas Explosion?

Did You Know You Can Protect Your Home Against An Earthquake Triggered Gas Explosion?

With all the earthquakes the Inland Empire, San Gabriel Valley and Orange County communities have experienced recently, and with the continued concern that Southern California could be hit with “the big one” (a 7.0+ earthquake), we want to bring awareness to an earthquake preparedness device that we find most homeowners haven’t heard about.

If you live in the city of Los Angeles you are probably familiar with automatic earthquake shut-off valves because city ordinance requires them to be installed on natural gas lines that enter homes. These devices are also known as seismic shut-off safety valves. If you don’t live in a city that mandates automatic earthquake shut-off valves it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider installing one.

Automatic earthquake shut-off valves are installed on the gas house line that connects to Southern California’s gas meter. When a sizable earthquake occurs, the shut-off valve blocks gas from entering the home even though gas may still be flowing to Southern California’s gas meter. Without an automatic safety valve stopping the flow of gas into your home, damaged gas lines, that run through the home to your kitchen appliances and water heater, could emit natural gas directly into the home and cause a potential explosion.

Automatic earthquake shut-off valves should only be installed by a licensed plumbing contractor, such as OneStop Plumbers, and in coordination with SoCalGas. For more information about earthquake safety shut-off valves, you can visit the Southern California Gas Company’s website by clicking the button below.


A typical installation cost between $400-$500 for the shut-off valve with parts, labor and tax. You can check with your city’s code department for size, permit and mandate requirements.