5 Common Plumbing Problems

When it comes to even the simplest of plumbing problems, it’s always best to ask for the help of experienced providers of plumbing services in Chino Hills, or any other area for that matter. It’s even better to do all you can to prevent plumbing issues from arising, but sometimes all you do is not enough.

For example, no matter what you pour down your toilet, you still might end up needing a plumber to unclog the toilet. That is why it is important to know what the most common plumbing problems are, how to detect them, and know when to call a plumber to help you.

How do you fix plumbing problems?

How do you fix plumbing problemsThere are some easy plumbing problems almost every homeowner is able to fix. However, even the easiest problem can have an underlying issue that you cannot, and should not tackle alone. It is always best to consult professional plumbers as soon as a problem arises.

That being said, let’s take a look at some of the most usual plumbing issues that can occur in the majority of households, and what you can do about them, at least until the plumbers arrive. 

Dripping faucets

Probably every person in the world has faced a faucet that drips. Not only is it highly irritating, but it can be more problematic than you think. Also, it’s constantly, as a single dripping faucet can easily drip away several hundred gallos during a year. 

The cause of the dripping is, most likely, a dislodged, stiff, worn out, or torn internal washer. This is usually a quick fix, but one that requires the right tools for the job. You should contact a plumbing company if you lack these tools.

Clogged shower or bath drain

If the drain in your shower or your bath becomes clogged, the reason behind it is almost always the same – accumulated bits of soap and strands of hair. You can attempt to deal with the blockage on your own by using a snake or a plunger. Also, you can try the DIY vinegar and soda solution to break through the block.

However, sometimes the cause can lie deeper in the piping system. If you do not resolve the matter completely, you risk the problems worsening over time. That is why it is better to, at least, consult a plumber before proceeding with attempting to fix the issue.

Slow draining sink

If your kitchen sink is draining too slowly, there is probably a blockage somewhere in the pipes. The blockage may be because of various food remnants or congested fat. Depending on just how big and dense the blockage is, and how far in the pipes it is, you may not be able to resolve the clog yourself.

You can definitely try using vinegar or baking soda, as well as various chemical substances that remove clogs. However, chances are you will probably end up contacting a local plumber to help you out, as sink blockages can be really persistent.

Clogged toilet

Another common problem, another potentially easy solution. Potentially easy because a plunger can do the trick sometimes. If the blockage itself is not too deep in the pipes, you can probably unclog the toilet on your own.

However, if your trusty plunger fails to do the trick, it’s best to contact a plumbing company as soon as possible. In this case, the blockage is in the pipes, and plumbers use special equipment to deal with it successfully. 

Low water pressure

As common as problems with water pressure can be, they are not something you should even attempt to diagnose or resolve alone. Yes, the cause for low water pressure can be deposits on your aerators, but it is often something else. 

Your pipes might be leaky because they have become corroded, worn out, or broken over time. You are probably not able to fix these types of leaks on your own, which is why you’re going to need expert help.

Who provides comprehensive plumbing services all over Chino Hills?

plumbing services in Chino HillsIf you’re having problems with your sink, if you’ve noticed leaks around your home, or if your water pressure is acting up, you need professional plumbers you can rely on to fix the problem. Luckily, you can always turn to OneStop Plumbers – the most reputable local plumbing company. 

It doesn’t matter if you live in the vicinity of Fame Air Museum, or if you’re located anywhere else in or near Chino Hills, we can help you. We employ bleeding-edge plumbing technology to detect leaks, clear pipes, drain leaks, repair heaters, as well as perform regular maintenance of your plumbing. Contact us today, and we’ll deal with your plumbing emergency!

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