How Do You Maintain a Sink Drain & How Often to Clean It?

How do you maintain a sink drain

Knowing how to maintain your sink and doing it on a regular basis is paramount for preventing the most frequent causes of sink blockages. Most of the time, you will be able to perform sink maintenance on your own, especially if you’re familiar with the different parts that make up sinks.

However, sometimes, your sink may develop a more serious problem, making it necessary to replace the pipes in your sink. It is during these times that it is always wise to hire the services of an experienced plumber in Chino than go it alone. However, there’s still plenty you can do to maintain and clean your sink.

How do you maintain a sink drain?

It’s always better to prevent sink blockages than to be forced to fix them, and prevention is vital when trying to ensure your sink remains blockage-free for as long as possible. Here’s what you can do to stop blockages from forming:

  • Disposing of common waste: There are some common clog-causing materials that you should not dispose of by pouring them down the drain. Refrain from pouring coffee grounds, tea leaves, and cooking fat or grease down the drain, as they can cause serious blockages. Instead, use a jar or a can to dispose of fat or grease, and throw tea leaves and coffee grounds in the trash instead of down the drain. This will significantly reduce the risk of blockages forming.
  • Rinsing the sink with hot water: One of the easiest ways to maintain your kitchen sink is by regularly pouring hot water down the drain. Hot water helps oils frequently found in food run easier and faster down your drain. Just let the hot water run for half a minute as the first line of defense against blockages.
  • Pouring baking soda: Baking soda is a great cleaning agent that absorbs foul odors, helping you keep your sink fresh and clean. Pouring baking soda down the drain once a week is a great and easy way to clean your sink.
  • Placing strainers in your kitchen sink: Installing a sink strainer is an excellent method for making sure food and other potentially harmful particles do not go down the sink drain, but remain in the sink for you to throw in the trash.
  • Pouring some vinegar down the drain: Vinegar is an excellent natural cleaning solution. It helps remove organic buildup and dissolve oils in the pipes. Pour a single cup of vinegar down your sink drain and wait for half an hour before rinsing with water.

How often should you clean your sink drain?

How often should you clean your sink drainThere is plenty of conflicting advice concerning the frequency of cleaning your drains. Different sources suggest weekly, quarterly, and monthly drain-cleaning efforts, and it can be difficult to decide just how often you should clean your drains.

However, while weekly cleanings seem like the best idea, there is no need to clean your drains every week, especially if you’re following all of the preemptive maintenance measures. If you take care of your sink and refrain from pouring oil, grease, and other harmful substances down it, monthly cleanings are sufficient.

Monthly cleaning is the best interval because it’s not frequent enough to become a burden, but it’s also not infrequent enough that you risk forgetting it and potentially allowing your drains to become clogged. Cleaning your drains once every month will ensure they keep running smoothly.

Which plumber in Chino can help me maintain and clean my sink drain?

Properly maintaining your sink drain is paramount for ensuring it continues to serve you well for as long as possible. However, if you’re unsure of how to maintain your sink, or you need professional help to clean it, you can always depend on OneStop Plumbers to help you out.

We are the leading plumbing professionals in all of Chino and the nearby areas. We can offer you some invaluable tips on how to maintain your sink, or help you do it, and be there in case it develops issues. Whether you live near Chino Hills State Park, or at another location in Chino, we will send a knowledgeable and trustworthy plumbing expert to help you with anything you need. Reach out to us today!

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