7 Signs You Have a Broken Sewer Line

Damaged or broken sewer pipes can have various consequences if left untreated. You risk further issues such as sewage backup, property damage, and even potential health problems. While it’s not always easy to spot, there are several signs that can indicate your plumbing system is experiencing such a problem and it’s time to reach out to the specialists in sewer line repair in Riverside. Keep reading to learn more about how to detect a broken sewer line

How do you know if your sewer line is broken?

A broken pipe requires immediate repair, especially when it comes to underground pipes such as sewer lines. Check out the following signs that can tell you it’s time to reach out to your local experts. How do you know if your sewer line is broken

Mildew and mold

When you can notice mildew and mold spreading out through your home, particularly in the basement, the main reasons can be a broken sewer line or sewage backup. 

Gassy odor or weird smell

Drains around your home are made airtight, which is why there shouldn’t be any weird or unpleasant odors around your home. However, if you can detect gassy and unpleasant smells, it’s a telltale sign there’s something wrong with your sewage. These gasses can be toxic and potentially cause health problems and you should immediately call the pros for a thorough inspection.  

Slow drains

If you have a slow drain in one fixture, you can typically resolve it using a drain snake or a plunger. However, when there are multiple fixtures around your home that drain slowly, it’s a certain sign that the blockage is deeper in the system, and it requires urgent inspection by professionals who can provide an efficient solution. 

Critters and crawlers

In case there’s a sudden increase in the number of rodents and bugs around your home, it’s also one of the signs there’s a problem in your sewage line. Rodents typically live in these systems. However, they’re capable of squeezing in through the tiniest cracks in the pipes. 

In addition, insects find cracked pipes their perfect breeding ground because of the stagnant water which allows them to multiply quickly. 

Greener patches of lawn

Water from the broken pipes works as a fertilizer for your lawn. Since it’s rich in nutrients, it will make patches of grass look greener and lush compared to the other areas of your lawn. 

Drain backup

If only one of your drains is backing up, it’s highly likely that there’s a problem with that specific drain. However, if this is happening in all the drains in your home, it’s time to call professionals. If you find yourself frequently clearing blockages just to have them return, the reason could be an issue with tree root intrusion which experts can detect with the help of a pipe inspection camera. 

Gurgling toilet

Your toilet shouldn’t be making any unusual noises. If it is, it’s a definite sign that something’s wrong, and the root cause could well be a broken sewage line. Reach out to your local experts for an efficient solution. 

Who provides reliable sewer line repair in Riverside?Who provides reliable sewer line repair in Riverside

Whether you’re wondering how to fix a slow draining sewer line or how to recognize your sewer line needs replacement, OneStop Plumbers is the team you can rely on. Our crew of reliable experts will perform a thorough inspection of your property to detect any underlying issues and utilize cutting-edge tools and equipment to provide the best possible solution. Whether your home’s in Arlanza or any other neighborhood, we’ll be right there to deal with any issues you may be experiencing. Call today!

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