What Are the Most Common Problems With Water Heaters?

What are frequent water heater problemsThere are many problems your water heater can develop, from the common issues professionals can easily fix, to the more serious problems that require water heater replacement. Whichever the case, it’s best to hire experienced water heater repair technicians from Corona to ensure maximum efficiency and quality of work.

It’s also good to familiarize yourself with the most frequent issues your water heater may experience. This will allow you to know when to contact professionals to install a brand new water heater or repair your old one.

What are frequent water heater problems?

There are some problems your water heater could develop that occur more often than others. That is why you should know more about them and how to detect them in order to react promptly and contact qualified water heater repair personnel to resolve the matter. Here are the frequent problems that could happen to your heater.

Complete lack of hot water

If your water heater entirely stopped delivering hot water throughout your home, the first thing you will want to do is inspect it to see if the pilot light is on.

It should be visible as you look towards the base of the heater, either through an opening or through a finger-sized window. If there is no visible pilot light, attempt to re-light the water heater. If it will not re-light, confirm that other gas fixtures in the home are working to make sure gas is getting to the unit.

If gas is on in the home and the water heater will not relight, you can contact the water heater manufacturer to attempt to diagnose the issue over the phone, or call in a water heater repair pro to diagnose and repair the issue..

Insufficient hot water

If you’ve noticed that the hot water in your home is not lasting as long as before, and your fixtures only seem to produce lukewarm or cold water when the hot side is ran, you will need to determine if the issue is specific to a single fixture, or the water heater unit.

Typically, this can be determined by individually testing the various fixtures to determine if the problem only occurs with some, or if it is consistent across all fixtures. If it is consistent across all fixtures, then it most definitely is a water heater issue. There are several potential causes behind insufficient hot water your heater is supplying:

  • The thermostat might not be operating adequately
  • There is too much demand for hot water in the household and thus hot water is running out faster than normal
  • The temperature of the incoming water is too high
  • There is insufficient incoming water pressure
  • There is excessive sediment build up
  • The dip tube is faulty
  • The house has a slab leak on the hot side and hot water is escaping the plumbing system faster than the water heater can heat the new cold water entering the unit

Leaky tank

A water heater that is leaking is one of the most common occurrences of a heater that is either corroded or simply too old. Even the smallest leaks require your immediate attention, as they can quickly develop and cause massive ruptures that can cause a flood in your home and inflict considerable water damage. Before making the assumption that you have a tank leak, assess all connecting components to ensure the leak is not coming from

Rust-colored or dirty water

Rust-colored or dirty water coming out of the hot side of your faucets is a common problem older water heaters develop. You can suspect it is the water heater when you run water on the cold side only and it comes out clear, but when you run water on the hot side, it comes out discolored.

Sediment in the tank of the water heater is the usual culprit behind this problem. With precautionary measures, you might want to try flushing your water heater tank to see if that resolves the problem.

If the water heater has not been flushed before, or has an excessive amount of build-up, there is a risk that flushing the tank may cause the sediment to rise to the top and become lodged in the output nipples, or even worse, enter fixtures in the home, so take extreme caution when performing a flush to prevent a larger issue from developing.

Water that smells bad

Smelling a foul odor from your showers or sinks could indicate a bacterial infestation within your water heater basin. The smell would have a pungent odor and would resemble the smell of rotten food; some say rotten eggs!

A DIY fix to this problem is flushing the tank with a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and water. It’s best to leave the solution to rest for several hours before flushing your tank. If the problem persists, you might need to consult professionals.

Who are the water heater repair specialists in Corona I should contact if there are problems with my water heater?

water heater repair specialists in CoronaIf you notice any of the above problems with your water heater and would like some help from an experienced water heater repair professional to ensure your issues are addressed quickly and efficiently, OneStop Plumbers is ready to help you out any way we can. We are the #1 water heater repair company in Corona, and we will promptly respond to your request and repair your water heater.

We are a water heater repair company that employs only the most experienced, qualified, and knowledgeable water heater repair technicians that are familiar with the different issues water heaters develop. We’re conveniently located near Butterfield Park, which allows us to serve the entire community of Corona and all the surrounding areas easily. Reach out to us today and we will help you with the problems you have!

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