5 Ways to Unclog Your Kitchen Sink

A clog in your kitchen sink always comes as an unwelcome surprise. It’s a fixture we use most around the house, and one that is inconvenient when it fails. That’s why many homeowners instantly call reputable plumbers in Yorba Linda to handle the problem. However, do you have to do this right away? There are several methods you can try out in order to postpone professional assistance and try to unclog your kitchen sink on your own.

How can I unclog my kitchen sink?

How can I unclog my kitchen sinkUnclogging your kitchen sink is all about slowly trying out different methods until you find the one that works for your particular situation. You start with the simplest strategy and work your way toward more complicated solutions.

However, if your kitchen sink keeps clogging due to the items placed down the drain, you can prevent such frequent occurrences by refraining from disposing the following items in your sink:

  • Paper products
  • Paint
  • Gum
  • Fruit stickers, pits, and peels
  • Starch-rich food, such as bread, rice, and pasta
  • Egg shells
  • Coffee grounds
  • Meat
  • Oil, fat, and grease

Now, let’s see how you can remove the clog.

Inspect your garbage disposal

Sometimes, it’s not your sink, but your garbage disposal that’s causing the problem. Clogged or non-operating disposals can prevent proper drainage, so first attempt to run it for a couple of minutes. If the disposal sounds like it is struggling to work, or does not turn on, you may need to have it unjammed or replaced.  Once the disposal is working, you may see your drain miraculously clear!

Try boiling water first

Using boiling water to unclog your kitchen drain is the least expensive and easiest method to try out first. While your kettle’s warming up, remove standing water, or as much of it as you can, from your sink. A wet vacuum works well for this!!  Then, pour the boiling water in your sink and allow it to sit for several minutes. Repeat this process a couple of times until your clog is gone.

Mix boiling water with some salt

Sometimes, it’s enough to pour some salt into boiling water before attempting to unclog your kitchen sink. It requires about a half a cup of salt. Mix it, and pour it down your drain. Wait for a couple of minutes, flush, and see if the problem is gone.

Baking soda and vinegar or salt are a good match

However, if salt and water don’t work, it’s time to introduce vinegar and either mix it with salt or baking soda. These are all potent combinations that can work to remove clogs. Take some salt and baking soda, pour it down your sink, and follow with apple cider or white vinegar. Watch your clog disappear!

Check your P-trap

Finally, you sometimes have to check your P-trap for the clog and remove it. Turn the water off, place a bucket underneath the trap, remove it, and see whether the blockage is there. If not, then it is probably time to hire a professional draining clearing plumber to unclog your sink.

Who are the leading plumbers in Yorba Linda to unclog my kitchen sink?

plumbers in Yorba LindaKnowing how to unclog your kitchen sink, or at least try to on your own is essential for household emergencies. However, don’t stop there. Also learn how to unclog the drain in your shower, see how you can replace your shower faucet alone, and explore the reasons behind your leaky faucets and whether or not you can repair them yourself. If not, then see which professional plumbers you should hire.

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