8 Common Plumbing Questions Answered

plumbers in EastvaleThere are many plumbing-related questions people want answers to. They wish to know what the worst plumbing habits are, they are curious about the reasons behind a running or clogged toilet, and they are interested to learn more about the biggest plumbing myths.

In order to have all these questions answered, what better to do than contact an experienced plumber in Eastvale and ask away. However, there are some common plumbing questions you can find the answers to right here, and reserve the plumber’s help for an emergency.

What are the most common plumbing questions?

While plumbing problems differ in scope and severity, there are questions people tend to commonly ask plumbers. Some questions turn up more often than others, so let’s see if we can answer the most frequent ones.

1. Should you turn water off prior to going on vacation?

Preparing for a relaxing vacation can be more stressful than it seems, and with so many items on your checklist, it is common to forget about turning off the water to your home. This could be a costly mistake if a pipe leak or pipe burst were to happen and go unnoticed while you are away.

Therefore, to avoid severe damage to your home, it is highly recommended to keep your main water supply valve off while on vacation.  To be thorough, after turning off the main water supply valve (which is typically on the side of the house or garage), you should also go to the furthest fixture inside your house and open the hot and cold handles so that water will drain out of your inside plumbing lines.

With no water in your lines, you can rest assured that you will not return from vacation to a water damaged home.  If you have a separate shut-off valve to your irrigation, make sure to leave that one turned on so that your sprinklers will work even though there is no water to the home.

2. Why is the water bill too high?

Budgeting for utilities can sometimes resemble jumping through hoops of fire, and you definitely do not need a too high water bill to add to expenses. If your water bill is higher than normal, you will want to check the following common issues:

  • A leaky toilet – toilet runs continuously or intermittently
  • Leaky faucets
  • Leaky irrigation – check sprinkler valves and puddles in yard
  • Leaky water lines – do you hear the sound of running water in walls, is there water in the meter box, does flooring feel warmer or colder in certain spots?

3. Why do pipes bang when I use appliances?

If your laundry day is beginning to resemble the rhythm section of your favorite band, something’s definitely off. Modern appliances work quickly, causing pipes to jerk with changes in water pressure. Improperly-fastened pipes can move around a lot, which can cause banging noises.

A common pipe noise may also be heard when running hot water from what is called, “pipe expansion”.  Noise from pipe expansion is normal but most people like to have a plumber out to confirm just in case. To rule out high pressure in your pipes, use a pressure test gauge to confirm the water pressure inside your pipes is between 50psi and 75psi.

4. Why does my home smell like sewer?

If you’ve started to notice an unpleasant odor around your home, it probably has something to do with your plumbing. The sewer smell in your home is most commonly caused by one of the following three reasons:

  • Loose or missing sewer trap plugs.
  • Dried-up water, or hair and debris, in the trap of showers and sinks.
  • Washing machine needs to be cleaned with vinegar

5. What can I put in the garbage disposal?

While you “can” put almost all of your food waste in your garbage disposal, you should refrain from using it for food that expands such as pasta or potato skins. Also, try to avoid high-fiber foods, as well as husks and shells, as they can get stuck. Never any non-food items in your garbage disposal, and do not pour hot water in with the food, as it causes greases and fats to melt, leaving them to harden further down the pipes, and potentially cause serious blockages.

6. Why is my water pressure low?

Plumbing companies receive a good amount of calls from homeowners that experience poor water pressure in their homes. There are many reasons why your water pressure might be low:

  • Faulty fixtures
  • Broken pressure regulator
  • Closed valves
  • Clogged pipes
  • Corroded plumbing
  • Deposit buildup

7. What is the difference between soft and hard water?

Some people don’t believe that soft and hard water are actually different. However, they really are. Soft water, when compared to hard water, has a low concentration of specific ions that would otherwise cause buildup and deposits. That is why soft water helps protect pipes, makes your appliances that use water more efficient, prevents buildup, and takes care of your fixtures.

What are the most common plumbing questions8. Why does my drain keep clogging?

Drains that clog frequently could be the simple result of what people put down them, to something more severe such as root intrusion or pipe shift. This is especially true for the drain in your kitchen. Bathroom drains often get clogged due to oil residue from shampoos and soaps, as well as hair in the drain.

Which plumbers in Eastvale can answer all my questions?

If you have any unanswered questions concerning plumbing, you have to find knowledgeable and dependable plumbers in Eastvale to answer them. Luckily, you can rely on One Stop Plumbers to provide all the answers you need.

We are the leaders in providing different plumbing services, and we can help you take care of any plumbing emergency that has happened. All our plumbing experts use only the most modern tools and equipment to detect and resolve the underlying issue. Wherever in Eastvale you may live, be it near Providence Ranch Park or somewhere else, we will quickly send an experienced plumbing professional to help you out. Contact us today!

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