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OneStop Plumbers offers water leak detection and slab leak detection and repair services. We understand that running water is important to every household so we commit to detect and stop your water leak, and then repair and restore your water service, as quickly as possible. Give us a call today for water and slab leak detection in Corona, Eastvale, Chino, Chino Hills, Mira Loma, Riverside, Yorba Linda and surrounding cities. The best way to prevent extensive water damage is to give us a call as soon as your home shows signs of a water leak in wall, leak in ceiling, or a slab leak (leak underground). When your home has signs of a slab leak, we will perform a FREE preliminary assessment to determine if an invisible leak is present and if a whole house electronic leak detection is needed to identify the leaking pipe underground. This includes hearing the sound of running water when no fixtures are in use, feeling hot or cold floors in certain areas of the home, or seeing your water meter spin when no fixtures are in use. We seek to schedule same day appointments.

Water Leak Symptoms

Minor Water Leak or Serious Slab Leak?

A water leak in the home is a serious plumbing matter that requires immediate attention by a licensed plumbing company. How soon the cause of the water leak is detected and corrected could be the difference between minor to significant home restoration damage and repairs. Some water leak symptoms are obvious and cannot be ignored, while more subtle leaks can be overlooked because homeowners are not aware of the signs that reveal an invisible water leak may be present. If your home has any of the following symptoms, we encourage you to give OneStop Plumbers a call so we can provide a free on-site preliminary water leak assessment to determine if an invisible leak is present and if an electronic leak detection or other action is needed.

Common Slab Leak Symptoms

ā€¢ Dry musty, mildew odor around walls or carpet ā€¢ Water bill is exceptionally higher than previous months and for no apparent reason ā€¢ Discoloration or cracks on ceiling or walls ā€¢ Hot or cold spots on area of the floor ā€¢ Warped hardwood or laminate flooring ā€¢ Sound of running water when no fixtures or appliances are in use

Water Leak Detection Process

Slab Water Leak Detection Process

OneStop Plumbers uses state-of-the art electronic leak detection equipment to trace and identify the pressurized line that is leaking. This is accomplished without jackhammering concrete and damaging floors. OneStop Plumbers Leak Detection Service Process includes: 1. Performing a preliminary diagnosis to confirm a pressurized leak is present and to determine if an electronic leak detection is required. 2. Testing each house fixture with electronic leak detection equipment to detect and pinpoint the leaking water line. 3. Upon locating the pipe leak and based on circumstances, we take one of the two actions indicated below. Please note these actions are not included in the fee for leak detection service. When water restoration service is needed or time is required by the homeowner to get insurance authorization to repair the leak: We will cut and cap the faulty pipe to immediately stop leaking water and to mitigate further water leak damage. This typically results in loss of water service to one or more fixtures or toilets that the line supplies water to. It also requires cutting a small hole in drywall/stucco to expose pipe. If customer desires, we will arrange to have a water restoration company come out to dry up the water and remove any damaged material. We work with a few different water restoration providers that provide free on-site estimates and test for mold. If you have a preferred provider, provide us with their contact information and we will contact them to explain the situation. We will schedule a day to fully repair the slab leak and restore full water service to the dwelling. We give priority to slab leak repairs and will schedule on a Saturday at no extra cost. Upon completion of the repair, we perform a series of quality assurance test to verify a water leak is no longer present. This includes performing a no-charge final quality assurance leak detection. When water restoration service is not needed and faulty pipe is accessible: We will repair the faulty pipe same day and restore full water service. Upon completion of the repair, we perform a series of test to verify the leak is no longer present.

We Will Help With Your Homeowners Insurance Claim

We understand that dealing with a slab water leak can be extremely stressful on homeowners. If your homeowner's policy provides coverage for slab leaks, we go out of our way to help you through the process of working with your insurance adjuster. We are available to meet directly with them to go over the situation, provide a written report on leak detection findings, and recommend the best repair option. All as a part of our leak detection service.

Copper Pipe Versus Pex Pipe

Copper Pipe
Copper Pipe
PEX Pipe
PEX Pipe

For the last 5 years, new home developments are primarily being built using PEX pipe plumbing. This is also the case when homeowners are faced with re-piping their entire home or re-routing a single water line due to a slab leak. PEX has become the product of choice because it is a flexible yet durable plastic that does not corrode. Click here for a PEX plumbing brochure from Uponor. Uponor is OneStop Plumbers PEX manufacturer of choice becuase they provide a 25-year limited manufacturer warranty on their product. Not all installations are a good fit for PEX. For example, copper is recommended for homes that back canyons that have heavy mice infestations since they can chew through plastic as well as for pipe exposed to outside environment factors.

Water leaks, slab leaks, pinhole leaks and leaks in ceiling are always unplanned, however, left unattended these types of leaks can cause significant damage to your home. If you are in need of a leak detection, slab leak repair or plumbing repipe and finances are limited, ask about our no interest payment plans. Call or text: 951-415-9071 to schedule an appointment for slab water leak detection services in Corona, CA , water leak detection in Riverside, water leak detection in Chino, water leak detection in Chino Hills and other surrounding Corona cities.



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