Comprehensive Water Leak Detection in Corona

When it comes to water leaking on your property, timely detection is essential. Call now!

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Ensure your property is safe with thorough water leak detection

OneStop Plumbers is here to assist you by providing a timely water detection service. Whether there’s an inconspicuous hole in your main water pipeline or multiple issues in the system, our dedicated plumbers will use a variety of methods to fully diagnose the issue. They won’t just check the obvious signs and cut corners to get the job done as soon as possible. They will ensure that any further course of action is taken with the full picture in mind.

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Our services keep your home dry and safe

We conduct precise water leak detection and remediation in Corona and the vicinity and will be there on time and spare you further damage. Here’s what we bring:

  • Competent crew that uses high-tech infrared and ultrasonic equipment
  • Transparent and honest fees for testing, mitigation, and other services on your property
  • Meticulous methods of scanning and observation of any underlying issues
  • Remediation of further water damage to your residential or commercial space.
  • Negotiation with insurance companies to ensure you receive the necessary financing
  • Extensive written reports, as well as satisfaction guarantee in writing

The safety of your residence requires a prompt response and an in-depth approach. Contact us today to book your appointment.

We render detailed water leak detection and repair

We’re happy to serve residents of Corona and the neighboring communities. You can always rely on us for accurate and timely water leak detection. When our technicians arrive to inspect your property, they will follow a tried-and-tested process to pinpoint and resolve the issue.


First, we’ll check for leaks using precise equipment.


We’ll write a report about the issue and find a solution.


Our team will carry out a swift remediation process.


We’ll double-check everything to finalize the process.

We’re at your service in case of emergency water leaks

We run a precise water leak detection to minimize risks

Our crew renders dependable and effective solutions and can diagnose the nature of the issue. Feel free to contact us if you notice:

  • Lower water pressure in your faucet
  • Musty and dank odors in your basement
  • Hissing sound behind your walls
  • Water damage on the walls, ceiling, or floors
  • Peeling or bubbled wallpaper
  • Water backing up in your sink or shower

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do plumbers detect hidden water leaks?

Professional plumbers in Corona use specialized infra-red, chemical, and ultrasonic sensors for water leak detection, without having to cut through the drywall.

Before they turn on their infra-red scanners, they will first do a walkthrough inspection of your property, and check the affected area, the attic, basement, and your walls. They will also check for any visible signs of mold growth, warped or bubbling wallpaper, and check for dank or musty odors. They will also check the piping lines and turn the supply line on and off, to check if there’s a hole in the pipe.

What are the most common leak detection tests?

There are a variety of methods that technicians use for water leak detection in different contexts. The three most commonly used methods are:

  • Acoustic – this is the principle that is used in ultrasonic detectors, on the basis that a small stream of leaking water will produce a hissing sound of a very high frequency
  • Electronic – another way to determine a location of a small, inconspicuous leak is by using specialized electronic equipment
  • Pressure – usually performed as a pressure decay test uses compressed air to determine the amount of water leak.

How accurate is water leak detection?

With infrared and ultrasonic technology and other proven methods, the accuracy of an average water leak detection is almost 100%.

Of course, there can always be multiple holes and damaged areas, so another factor that will contribute to the precision and accuracy of the inspection is the professional attitude of your team of plumbers.

What are the safety aspects of the leak detection process?

If a small leak is left undetected and ignored, it can steadily grow into a major structural issue and become a health hazard, in the case of mold infestation.

There’s also a risk that water can reach some electricity lines which can also be hazardous. Professional plumbers use safety equipment and procedures to ensure that no one is harmed during the process of water leak detection or repair. Contact your local team of professionals in Corona to find out more!

Who performs thorough water leak detection and repair in Corona, CA, & beyond?

OneStop Plumbers is here to ensure that a water leak is spotted using our precise equipment and tried-and-tested methods.

Whether you live in Corona or a nearby city in Southern California, we can be at your premises to assess the damage, uncover hidden water flow, and patch up holes in your pipelines. Team up with the leading water detection service in Corona that’s always committed to your satisfaction if you need:

Our team of plumbing experts and our partners will be at your premises without delay, just give us a call. We’re available Monday through Saturday, from 7 AM to 6 PM. Contact us today!

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