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Some water leaks in ceiling come on fast and are very obvious while others are very small and may not reveal themselves for quite some time. Regardless if your leak in ceiling is big (obvious) or small (not so obvious), OneStop Plumbers is here to assist you in locating the cause of your leak in ceiling and then repair it for you. We have trained plumbers experienced in finding the source of the leak, as well as infrared equipment to detect moisture and reveal hot & cold water pooling and trails without opening the ceiling. Upon detection, our goal is to provide same day leak repair service to mitigate any further water damage that your leak in ceiling may be causing to your home or office. We partner with a reputable water damage company to resolve any water damage caused by your ceiling leak.

How We Will Find Your Leak in Your Ceiling

Our experienced plumbers perform a series of inspections to identify where the leak is coming from.

One should never assume that the source of a leak in ceiling is where the water is pooling. Water will always flow through the easiest route until it reaches a point of obstruction so the point where the leak in ceiling is visible is often that point of obstruction and may not even be a location where your plumbing pipes run. During the initial leak in ceiling inspection, our plumbers go through a series of observations to eliminate the obvious and then focus on the not so obvious. We do this before cutting into any drywall. We look in the attic for visible water drips and trails, we observe the air conditioner for signs of condensation, we inspect faucet, toilet and appliance water supply line fittings and valves for drips and corrosion, we run faucets and flush toilets while using our special bright lights in areas that could leak, we inspect shower, sink and tub spouts to ensure they are properly sealed. After performing an initial leak in ceiling inspection and not finding the source, we then pull out a number of tools to assist us, such as plumbing line tracers and in wall leak water sensors and electronic leak detection equipment. We look forward to finding and repairing your leak in ceiling. Give us a call, send us a text or submit an online request to make an appointment with one of our qualified plumbers.

Another example of a Corona customer's satisfaction with OneStop Plumbers Ceiling Leak Detection Service:


"Noticed a slow leak on the downstairs ceiling from the bathroom upstairs. Scheduled an appt for the next day and Conrad came out and found the problem right away. Very courteous and called me every step of the way for approval to cut the ceiling. (I was at work and daughter was at home). I will definitely keep them in my contact list if I need a plumber again!"

Mike H. Corona Ca



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