Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

How do I know if my water heater is malfunctioning?

Your may need a water heater repair or replacement if your unit is showing some of these signs:

  • Water comes out of the heater with traces of rust.
  • Water temperature changes unexpectedly.
  • You can hear banging or knocking inside the heater.
  • Water isn’t hot enough.
  • There’s plastic in the water.
  • Your utility bills are higher than normal.
  • The heater is emitting a strange odor.
  • Water is leaking from the unit.
  • There’s moisture around the heater.

If you notice any of these worrying symptoms of a possible malfunction, it’s best to contact experienced residential or commercial plumbers in Corona and the vicinity to identify the scope of the problem and find a suitable solution.

Is it worth it to replace my water heater?

It’s advisable to perform a water heater replacement as soon as you notice some of the warning signs. If you ignore the issue and wait until the unit breaks down, there’s a risk it may cause additional damage to your property.

For instance, if a rusty tank isn’t repaired on time, it may cause irreparable damage not only to the heater but also to your home. Rusty heaters are prone to cracking and leaking, which can lead to water damage. In addition, a malfunctioning unit puts a strain on your home’s energy efficiency, so you’ll be paying higher utility bills until it’s replaced.

How do you know if you have a water leak?

Certain clues could signal you need an expert water leak detection for your property in Corona, including:

  • There are wet stains, discolored patches, or cracks on the walls, floors, or the ceiling.
  • There’s a musty odor that doesn’t go away when you air out the room.
  • There’s mold or mildew on walls, floors, or the ceiling.
  • You can hear water running while your plumbing is not in use.
  • Your water bills are higher than they used to be.
  • The water meter still spins when you turn off your home’s water supply.

How long can a slab leak go undetected?

Since slab leaks aren’t visible, they can go unnoticed for weeks or months, all the while causing water damage. This is why it’s important to be on the lookout for the telltale signs of a slab leak, like the accumulation of mold, cracks or discoloration on your walls, or warped floors

If you notice any of these issues, you should reach out to reliable residential or commercial plumbers operating in Corona and the rest of Riverside County. They have the expertise and tools to remedy the issue and mitigate potential damage.

How do you find out where water is leaking from?

Our licensed plumbers use precise, sophisticated equipment to detect the source of the leak on your property. Our toolkit includes electronic leak detection tools and infrared thermal cameras.

After we’ve identified the cause of the leak, we implement a proven strategy to mitigate further damage and protect your home.

What do your plumbers use to clean drains?

There are several techniques for drain cleaning that our experts use depending on the situation, such as:

  • Drain rooter service, which involves putting a snake down the drain to remove the accumulated debris and unclog it. Our team typically tries this simple and effective option first.
  • Hydrojet drain cleaning, which is even more powerful and used for heavy blockages. We use our 400 psi jetter to break through compact build-up and restore flow.

When should you replace a faucet?

You may need to contact a reliable plumber service in Corona and the nearby areas and schedule your faucet replacement if you notice signs like leaking, mineral build-up, or rust.

You could also decide to replace it if you’ve had it for more than ten years or if you don’t like its style and functionality any longer.

What are the signs your toilet needs repair?

You may require a toilet repair if you spot some of these problems:

  • It runs constantly.
  • Water appears on the floor when you flush.
  • The bowl won’t fill completely.
  • It won’t flush.

Booking some of Corona’s top-rated specialists in plumbing services can help. Trained experts will identify the issue and suggest either a repair or a replacement.

Who’re trustworthy residential & commercial plumbers in Corona & the rest of Riverside County?

At our company, we provide property owners across Corona and Riverside County with prompt and efficient plumbing services.

We merge quality, responsiveness, and affordability to make life easier for our customers. We’re at your disposal for easy scheduling and emergency services, and we’ll do our best to arrive at your location as soon as possible. Give us a call!

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