Tips to Research a Plumbing Company in Corona Ca and Surrounding Cities

Know About Your Plumber In Corona Ca Before You Hire

Most people would agree that it is good practice to research the qualifications and trustworthiness of a home service provider before you let them into your home. This includes hiring a plumber. Sure, a company may have great advertisement that speaks highly of their qualifications. Some may even be transparent enough to share their plumbing prices over the phone or on their website —Transparent flat rate pricing is a good first step towards determining a plumbing company’s trustworthiness but unfortunately not all plumbing companies will share pricing without locking homeowners into a house call visit. Still, upfront price comparison alone doesn’t let you know how qualified or trustworthy a plumbing company is or isn’t. Pricing alone most definitely shouldn’t be the determining factor in letting just any plumbing company into your home. Good plumbing companies will share useful information with their clients.

Once you determine the plumbing company provides the service you are seeking, take an extra 10 minutes to research their qualifications and trustworthiness by visiting the following sites:

1. Plumbing Contractors License Board
Make sure you are hiring skilled plumbers, not just a general handyman. How do you find this out? Go to the California State License Board to find out if the plumbing contractor or plumbing company has an active contractor’s license for California plumbing. The Contractors State License Board will also show information about the company’s workers compensation insurance and bond insurance. Plumbing companies that use employees to do the work must carry workers compensation in case an employee is injured. You want the plumbing company to take the risk of having their employees at your home, not you!

2. Better Business Bureau (BBB)
The Better Business Burea establishes standards and best practices for how business should treat consumers in a fair and honest manner. The BBB researches and rates companies on how well the business operates within these standards. Consumers who feel they have been mistreated by a business can File a Complaint about the company with the BBB and the BBB will moderate and work with both parties to settle the dispute. A quick look-up on the BBB’s website will reveal if there are, or have been, any complaints filed against the plumbing company you are considering hiring.

3. Consumer Feedback Sites

Find out first-hand other consumer experiences about the company. Please note that some sites below such as Angie’s List may require you to create an account before using their site.

Yelp –
Google+ –
Yellow Pages Online –
Yahoo –
Angie’s List –
Who Do You Know? –

4. Social Media

Have a Facebook or Twitter account? Search for the company or post a question to your local city group asking if anyone has done business with the company before and if they recommend them.

5. Internet Keyword Search

Finally, simply doing an Internet Keyword Search on the Plumbing Company’s Name + the word Review is a great start towards locating information about the plumbing company you are considering hiring (example. OneStop Plumbers Review).

I hope you find these sites useful to research all your home care service providers.

Plumbing in Corona California and surrounding cities

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