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As an essential component of any household, water heaters need to be properly maintained and fully functional for optimal performance. Not only are broken water heaters an inconvenience, they also may lead to an increase in utility bills, water damage, and other unnecessary expenses. So, if you live in or close to the Inland Empire and notice a problem with your water heater, the first step you need to take is to contact experienced water heater pros in Riverside, Corona, and surrounding areas. OneStop Plumbers is here to assist you with your water heater-related issues. Our team of qualified professionals deal with a range of water heater issues and will take measures to deliver dependable repair service as quickly as possible so your household doesn’t have to go without hot water. 
Water Heater Replacement Costs: Comparing Price Quotes

Signs that you may need water heater repair

Contact us if you notice: 
  • Problems with the thermostat. A faulty water heater thermostat will prevent you from controlling the water temperature. 
  • Issues caused by hard water. Hard water can cause iron, magnesium, and calcium build-ups in a water heater tank. Consequently, this brings other issues such as corrosion, leaks, and eventually complete failure. 
  • Visible signs of leakage. If you see water leaking onto your water heater platform, wall or ground, you will want to give us a call immediately. 

Your trusted choice for water heater repair services in Corona and beyond

Need water heater repair service for your storage tank water heater? We have trained plumbers experienced in troubleshooting hot water issues and performing water heater repair on a variety of water heater brands that we commonly see installed in Corona, Riverside, Chino, Chino Hills, Eastvale, Norco, and Yorba Linda. This includes water heater manufacturers such as Rheem, A.O. Smith, Bradford White, GE and American. While we do not stock all parts for these water heater brands, we do stock the most common replacement elements as well as have suppliers that stock or have quick access to less common components that may fail. Before we start any water heater repair job, we check to see if the water heater is still under manufacturer warranty and we let the homeowner know the process to utilize the warranty if it is. At a minimum, most residential water heater manufacturer warranties cover replacement of a leaking tank or failed parts for up to six years from the date the water heater was installed. If you no longer have your water heater installation receipt, they will rely on the manufacturer date. Our plumbers will also help you assess the financial value of repairing your old water heater versus replacing it with a new one if your existing unit is out of warranty and needs a costly part replacement.

Multistep approach to water heater repair 

We employ an in-depth approach to water heater repair and deal with an issue by following these steps: 
  • Inspection. Our team will first carefully check your water heater for any possible signs of malfunction in addition to the existing problem. 
  • Diagnosis. We run through a series of diagnostic tests to determine what has caused your water heater to stop working. 
  • Repair. We will then apply dependable repair solutions and parts to fix the issue to get your water heater back up and working.  
  • Testing. Our final step is to test your water heater after the repair to make sure everything is continuing to function properly.

Tanked & tankless water heater replacement in your area for top brands

We stock a vast inventory of water heater units and elements for some of the most common manufacturers that include Rheem, Bradford White and GE.  So if you have a water heater leaking or there is no hot water in your home, our team of water heater repair plumbers are ready to resolve your issue. After carefully inspecting your unit, we will advise you on whether you should invest in repairing it or if having it replaced might be a more financially sound option. 

Customer satisfaction is always our top concern

We’re not a big corporation that cares solely about its profit. We’re a family-operated local business that follows traditional values and puts integrity and honesty first. Thus, our satisfaction guarantee is here to bring you security and peace of mind, ensuring that you receive the service you deserve.

Here is a an example of a Corona water heater repair customer's satisfaction with OneStop Plumbers Water Heater Repair Service:

"No hot water pressure throughout the house for the last couple of days. I took the day off expecting to replace my 11 year old water heater. Not having a plumbing contact I googled plumbers in Corona and found One Stop Plumbers. After reading one glowing review after another I called them at 7:30 am. A very pleasant lady answered the phone and scheduled my appointment between 12-1. She called back twice to update me on the technician as he was running late and the second time offered to take $25 off my bill for the inconvenience. When Conrad arrived he asked me for a quick overview and told me he estimated about $200 unless I needed a new water heater. After dismantling the top valves he found the culprit which was blocking the flow.

Once he buttoned it all up I opened all of the faucets throughout the house and to my surprise the hot water pressure returned. Due to the ease of the fix he shaved an additional $50 off the estimate and the total ended up being $150 (much cheaper than the 50 gallon heater I had prepared myself for.) All in all great experience. Conrad and the receptionist were professional, honest, and upfront. I will definitely use them again."

Jason S Corona, California

What are the signs your hot water heater is going out?

To prevent major damage in your home, you need to react as soon as you notice that your water heater is starting to fail. This is why it’s important that you know how to recognize the first signs of malfunction that include the following: 
  • No hot water. If there’s no hot water even if your water heater was previously turned on, there might be some kind of a problem with its performance. 
  • Inefficiency. Should you notice that your water heater simply isn’t as efficient as it used to be, taking longer to heat up your water or loses heat quickly, it’s time for a check-up. 
  • Noise. If your water heater starts to rumble, clank or bang, it’s likely that there’s a sediment build-up inside your water heater. 
  • Rust. As soon as you notice that your water is rusty, make sure to contact the pros. Before you know it, your water heater will start leaking because of the rust inside. 
Other common water heater repair issues include:
  • Water heater shuts off after water heats to a certain temperature
  • Water is spraying from the water heater T&P valve
  • There is a leak from the water heater supply line
  • Water heater is leaking due to corrosion
  • Water heater expansion tank is leaking
  • Water is not getting hot enough
  • Water heater pilot will not light
  • Hot water pressure is low
If you’ve noticed any of these signs, feel free to reach out to our team.  If they smell gas, or suspect their water heater is leaking gas, many homeowners choose to call the Southern California Gas Company first for safety concerns.

How to repair a tankless water heater?

Whether you have a tank-style or tankless water heater, the repair and replacement process should be handled with precision, patience, and efficiency. This is a complex task that requires experience, knowledge, and adequate tools so it is recommended that you book professional water heater repair near your area. Here at OneStop Plumbers, we offer water heater repair services for storage tank units and maintenance and replacement services for tankless water heater units. During the repair process, we may:
  • Drain the water heater
  • Disconnect the fittings and pipes
  • Remove or  replace components
  • Inspect and identify issues
  • Recommend dependable solutions for long term use or code compliance
  • Test water heater gas levels, thermal expansion, and water pressure 

Who do I call for water heater repair?

Have you noticed leaks around your water heater? Are there some clanking sounds coming from the inside? Is there absolutely no hot water? It’s time you called experienced professionals to inspect your water heater and try to resolve the problem. For water heater-related issues, you should contact professional plumbers in your area with a long-standing practice in the field.  For these and other related matters, feel free to contact OneStop Plumbers. We can regularly inspect and service your water heater.  Our team will take measures to help you avoid unnecessary problems and repair costs by applying reliable preventative solutions. If necessary, we can organize a replacement and set up your water heater for maximum durability and water heating efficiency. Want to get an idea of what it cost for water heater repair or replacement? Just give us a call and speak to one of our friendly customer service reps who will ask a few question, and then provide you with this information.

Proven solutions for water heater repair in Chino & other areas

Failing to address water heater issues could void manufacturer warranties and end up costing you more in repairs in the long run.  This is why we recommend you contact us as soon as you notice a problem. Once you do, our team of dedicated water heater repair specialists will examine your water heater thoroughly and provide options for repair or replacement.  We will use tried-and-tested techniques and industry-recommended solutions to deal with the problems identified. We strive to extend the life expectancy of your water heater, boost its efficiency, and minimize the risk of future costs and repairs. Our repair technicians are trained to deal with many manufacturers and handle tanked water heater repair and tankless water heater replacement. They are equipped with various testing tools required to determine an accurate diagnosis. This allows us to offer our clients special solutions adjusted to their water heater model and type of problem. Also, since we stay abreast of industry trends and advancements, we can also bring the most recent options for optimal results. Most importantly, we consider your needs and budget, suggesting solutions that will accommodate your household or commercial property. 

Skilled experts in water heater replacement

We have handpicked our water heater repair plumbers based on their professional experience, education, and training.  We have strong relationships with top water heater manufacturers and through these relationships, our water heater repair pros participate in continuous water heater repair education and training to enable them to handle an array of water heater-related issues.  Furthermore, since we are a local, family-operated business, our goal is to provide our neighbors with a personal touch to their needed plumbing repair and related services. This is why we also focus on hiring polite and friendly specialists who will deliver service with care and patience. Check out our Water Heater Provider profiles on Rheem and Bradford White websites! As a Rheem and Bradford White service provider, we are authorized to handle your warranty repair or return.
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Where can I book your water heater repair services?

Our professional assistance is available throughout the region, so no matter if you live close to the Corona Art Association or near Mission Inn Foundation, we have a water heater repair plumber close by, ready to help.



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