10 Do’s and Don’ts for Garbage Disposals

It is not uncommon to put the wrong thing down your garbage disposal, causing you to need to contact Mira Loma’s reputable plumbing company. So, learning what you should and shouldn’t do with your garbage disposal will help it operate better and allow you to enjoy the sweet sensation of flipping the switch and watching your trash disappear.

What should I not put in my garbage disposalWhat can I do with my garbage disposal?

One of the vital aspects of garbage disposals is knowing what you can and cannot do with them. Improperly using your disposal unit can cause significant damage and serious plumbing problems. Check out these guidelines on how to properly care for your garbage disposal:


Always keep your garbage disposal as clean as possible. This means pouring a bit of dish soap into your unit and allowing it to work for approximately a minute. Also, clean your disposal unit with some cold water after doing the dishes to prevent buildup.


Remember to regularly use your garbage disposal. Frequently using your unit will prevent the appearance of corrosion and rust by keeping the parts moving. Also, running your garbage disposal will stop it from accumulating dirt.

Food waste

You can grind food waste in your garbage disposal under a flow of cold water. However, remember to chop all food waste into smaller pieces and don’t put too much down at one time to prevent your garbage disposal from getting clogged. Also be careful not to use it for starchy food that expands such as pasta, rice and potatoes. It is best to use the trash for these types of items.

Ice cubes

Ice cubes will both clean the blades in your garbage disposal and sharpen them. Throw a couple of ice cubes down your drain once every two weeks. It’s also a good trick to make your ice cubes using a couple of drops of vinegar to freshen it up while sharpening the blades.

Citrus fruit

Speaking of freshening up – occasionally put some citrus fruit into your garbage disposal. These acids will break down gunk that builds up in your unit. What’s more, citrus fruits will also make your unit more fragrant and prevent the appearance of bad odors.

What should I not put in my garbage disposal?

On the other hand, it’s equally important to know what you should avoid putting in your garbage disposal. This unit is not capable of handling every piece of trash and there are many items that can seriously damage it, including:

Coffee dregs

Coffee dregs and grounds can easily fool you. THey appear fine, but they are very densely packed when you take them out of the filter. This creates gunky sediment within your unit, making clogs and blockages far more likely.

Bread, rice, and pasta

All these items absorb water and greatly expand when they do, making clogs easy. A small amount of leftover spaghetti may not be too worrisome, but too much at one time, or constantly putting these foods in your garbage disposal can create trouble.

Animal bones

When putting food waste in your garbage disposal, remember to remove any bones. Bones are very hard and can greatly shorten the longevity of your unit. Accidentally dropping a bone or two is no cause for panic, but larger bones are something to avoid.

Seeds and pits

There’s a rule of thumb when it comes to the things you should and shouldn’t put in your garbage disposal – if you cannot cut it with a knife, don’t put it into your disposal. Avoid putting all pits and seeds in your garbage disposal to avoid a racket when it operates.

Fat, oil, and grease

Finally, always avoid pouring all kinds of oils and fats down your garbage disposal. They look like liquid, and they currently are, but they will solidify and cause serious blockages. It’s better to cool these liquids down and throw them in the trash.

Who are Mira Loma’s leading plumbing experts to get my garbage disposal in top condition?

What can I do with my garbage disposalTaking good care of your garbage disposal and knowing what you can and cannot pour or place in it will significantly enhance its reliability and longevity. It’s similar to knowing what you can and cannot flush down the toilet to prevent it from developing serious blockages you have to unclog. That is why you should also become familiar with some of the frequent garbage disposal problems and learn how to resolve them.

However, if you do require professional assistance, it’s good to know that there’s one company you can always call on – OneStop Plumbers. We are your reputable plumbers from Mira Loma that will promptly resolve all the issues with your garbage disposal and give you a properly functioning unit. It doesn’t matter if you live near the Santa Ana River or anywhere else in the area – we’re here for you. Reach out to us today and tell us how we can help you.

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