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Whether you’re dealing with a minor leak or a major plumbing emergency, you do not want to leave anything to chance because most leaks require immediate attention from a professional plumber. The clock is ticking. What you need is a team of Corona’s experienced plumbing experts specializing in quick leak detection and repair to determine the scope of the problem and take action to restore the safety and protection of your property as soon as possible. OneStop Plumbers has a dependable team at your service.
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Fast and efficient leak repair when you need it most

We understand that running water is important to every household so we commit to detect and stop your water leak, and then repair and restore your water service as quickly as possible. The best way to prevent extensive water damage is to give us a call as soon as your home shows signs of a water leak in the walls, a leak in the ceiling, or a slab leak, which is a leak located underground. Despite the high demand for our home leak detection services in Riverside County, we consider leaks on pressurized water lines a high priority so we make every attempt to schedule same-day appointments if possible.

What do you do if you have a water leak

Do you suspect a leak in your home or commercial property in Corona or another community in Riverside County? Water leaks, slab leaks, pinhole leaks and leaks in the ceiling are always unplanned. Left unattended, they can cause significant damage to your home. Before you start panicking, talk to a experienced plumber on our team. If you think you are in need of leak detection, slab leak repair or other water leak plumbing diagnosis, give us a call to share your situation and we will schedule the right plumber to come assist you.  But what symptoms should raise suspicion that you may have a leak on your hands?

How do you know if you need leak detection services?

If you’re suspecting a water leak, follow these steps:
  • Check for leaks by inspecting faucets, valves and appliances, as well as sinks, showers and toilets. Don’t forget to look in cabinets and remove items so that you have a clear view of any water saturation or damage.
  • Listen for the sound of running water even when no fixtures or appliances are in use.
  • Touch the floors: are they oddly hot or cold?
  • Look for signs of damage: are there cracks, discoloration or water stains on the floors, walls or the ceiling? Do you notice warped hardwood or laminate flooring?
  • Odors spell trouble: is there a musty smell?
  • Watch out for signs of mold and mildew.
  • Take a look at the water bills. Have they been higher-than-normal?
  • Shut off the main water supply to the house and see if the city water meter is spinning.

What are the common symptoms of a slab leak?

A slab leak is usually considered a major plumbing emergency, so be sure to keep an eye out for the following:
  • Dry, musty odor typical of mildew around the walls or the carpet,
  • Discoloration or cracks on the ceiling or the walls,
  • Hot or cold floors in certain areas of the home,
  • Warped hardwood or laminate flooring, 
  • Sound of running water when no fixtures or appliances are in use, 
  • The water meter is spinning although no fixtures and appliances are being used,
  • The water bill is higher than it was in the previous months and for no apparent reason.
  • The hot water heater is refilling more frequently than normal and hot water is not as hot to touch as it usually is.
If you notice any of the above symptoms, let us know right away. 
If there are definitive signs of a slab leak, we will give you a free preliminary assessment to determine if an invisible leak is present and if a whole house electronic leak detection is needed to identify the leaking pipe underground. We give priority to slab leak repairs and will schedule a Saturday appointment at no extra cost. Upon completion of the repair, we perform a series of quality assurance tests to verify the water leak is no longer present. This includes performing a no-charge final quality assurance leak detection. 

How does leak detection work?

Below are the steps of the OneStop Plumbers Leak Detection Service Process:
  1. Performing a preliminary diagnosis to confirm a pressurized water leak is present and to determine if a whole house electronic leak detection is required. 
  2. Testing each house fixture with electronic leak detection equipment to detect and pinpoint the leaking water line. 
  3. Upon locating the pipe leak and based on circumstances, your plumbers will proceed with the repair process.
Please note these actions are not included in the fee for leak detection service.

Can plumbers detect leaks?

Plumbers perform minor and major leak detection, as well as the more serious slab leak detection, when they find the source of leaks located underground. Expert plumbers will perform precise diagnostics using special non-invasive electronic leak detection and infrared camera equipment methods that are both cost-effective and efficient.  All our plumbers have a long track record in the industry as well as the skills to perform a vast range of plumbing leak services, including water and slab leak detection and repair. They are equipped with state of the art equipment and techniques to detect leaks in a timely manner, to mitigate water damage to your property. 

Is there a tool to detect water leaks?

For slab leak detection, we use sophisticated diagnostic tools and equipment which allows us to identify the pipe source of the water leak. We trace and identify the pressurized line that is leaking without jackhammering concrete and damaging floors.  The equipment that we use either detects the specific frequency a leak makes or detects the subtle changes in temperature that occur in the presence of moisture. All this allows us to provide an accurate estimate and start working on your water leak repair as soon as possible to mitigate extensive damage.

Who should I call if I have a water leak?

We perform diligent leak detection and repair in Corona, Riverside or elsewhere in the area.If there is even the slightest reason to suspect a leak on your property, we will take action as soon as possible to spare you the ordeal and unreasonable delays. Here at OneStop Plumbers, we strive to restore our clients’ peace of mind by restoring the functionality of their plumbing quickly. We also work closely with highly reputable local water damage companies and can arrange for a water damage assessment if needed.
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We use specialized water leak detection equipment for accurate results

As a licensed plumbing company, we only use advanced technology for our water leak and slab leak detection services. To achieve the highest level of precision, we use state-of-the-art tools and equipment: cutting-edge infrared thermal equipment as well as electronic leak detection equipment. This allows us to get to work promptly, complete the repairs accurately and restore your water service without wasting your time or keeping you waiting longer than necessary. 

Our fast response allows you to keep things under control

How soon the cause of the water leak is detected and corrected could be the difference between minor to considerable home restoration water damage and repairs. Some water leak symptoms are obvious and cannot be ignored, while more subtle leaks can be overlooked because homeowners are not aware of the signs that reveal an invisible water leak may be present.  If you notice any of the warning signs and symptoms, we encourage you to give OneStop Plumbers a call so we can provide a preliminary water leak assessment to determine if an invisible leak is present and if a whole house electronic leak detection or other leak diagnosis action is needed. The duration of the process depends on the scope and severity of pipe access and function. We finish all slab leak detection jobs by performing a final no-charge quality assurance leak detection no additional underground leaks are present.

What does the water restoration service consist of?

When water restoration service is needed or time is required for the homeowner to get insurance authorization to repair the leak, we will expose and cap the faulty pipe to stop water loss and mitigate further water leak damage. This typically results in loss of water service to one or more fixtures or toilets that the bad water line supplies water to. It also requires cutting at least two small holes in the drywall/stucco to expose the pipe at each end (about 12 inches by 12 inches).  We then can arrange to have a water restoration company come out to dry up the water and remove any damaged material. We only work with reputable water restoration providers that provide free on-site estimates, have proper moisture reading equipment, and have been properly trained to identify/test for mold. Shall you desire, we can also contact your preferred provider to explain the situation. When you are ready, we will schedule an appointment to fully repair the slab leak and restore full water service to the property.  Another option is to have the full slab leak repair completed during the initial appointment and then to have the water damage restoration company follow-up with moisture testing to determine the degree of water damage if any. Upon completion of the slab leak repair, we perform a series of tests to verify no other invisible leaks are present.

Filing a homeowners insurance claim? Count on us

We have seen first hand that dealing with a slab water leak can be extremely stressful on Corona homeowners. Homeowners have many questions including the common, “are slab leaks covered by homeowners insurance?” We are here to help you through the process of working with your insurance adjuster. We are available to meet with them directly to go over the situation, provide a written report on leak detection findings, and recommend the best repair option. We do all this as a part of our slab leak service process.

Should you repipe your house with PEX?

home plumbing pipes in Corona
water leak detection
New home developments are primarily being built using PEX pipe plumbing. This is also the case when homeowners are faced with re-piping their entire home or re-routing a single water line due to a slab leak. PEX has become the product of choice because it is a flexible yet durable plastic that does not corrode.  Uponor is OneStop Plumbers PEX manufacturer of choice because they provide a 25-year limited manufacturer warranty on their product. Not all installations are a good fit for PEX. For example, copper is recommended for homes that back canyons that have heavy mice infestations since they can chew through plastic.  This is also the case when pipe is exposed to outside environment factors.
  • #1 Leak detection in Corona and across the area

    We conduct in-depth leak detection in Corona and neighboring areas. After making sure that nothing was overlooked during the leak detection process and that we can make an accurate assessment and estimate, we will recommend your best course of action with the purpose of addressing the problem properly. 

    As a family-owned business that places great value on honesty and integrity, we always go out to make sure our customers choose what’s best for them. So, regardless of whether you are looking to replace your water heater or need to have your plumbing fixed in your Corona home, you can depend on us.

    Proudly offering expert plumbing in Corona, CA: 92877 92878 92879 92880 92881 92882 92883.

    Convenient and cost-effective: all-in-one solutions 

    We offer prompt and dependable, value-priced solutions for your plumbing needs.  Whether you need us for residential or commercial leak detection services and repair. Our pricing is competitive, transparent and upfront on all invoices before the start of any service.  We also list pricing for our most sought after plumbing services on our website so you can find out right away if our service checks all the boxes and fits your budget. We offer a range of plumbing services across the region, so contact us if you are in need of sewer line repair for your commercial property or repair of a water heater in your Riverside home.

  • Quality leak detection and leak repair in Riverside

    If you need us to visit your Riverside property to conduct a water leak detection or a slab leak detection, do not hesitate to give us a call. We are considered one of the regions most reputable local water leak repair companies boasting a team of experienced residential and commercial plumbing technicians in Riverside County. If your house was built prior to 1979, be prepared to have an unexpected water leak quickly repaired in your home, by having your house tested for asbestos and lead. If your house test negative, keep this paperwork handy to show any contractor that may need to open walls to access pipes. Per California Health and Safety Code, contractors need confirmation that builder materials do not contain asbestos or lead chemicals prior to opening walls due to potential health hazards that could arise if asbestos or lead fibers are released into the home.

    We serve all of these ZIP areas: 92501, 92503, 92504, 92505, 92506, 92507, 92508, 92509,92502, 92513, 92514, 92516, 92517, 92519.

  • Leak detection and repair in Eastvale

    Our skilled plumbers in Eastvale are at your service, ready to help you out if you need us for leak detection and leak repair in Eastvale for your property, including slab leak detection services and repair services for your Eastvale home.  Many homes in Eastvale were built using PEX pipe instead of copper.  Our Eastvale plumbers often use infrared camera equipment to help reveal the source of water leaks on PEX pipe and fittings in ceilings and walls.  With our experience in the area, we are able to perform our work diligently.

    Reach out to us if you’re located in 91752, 92880.

  • Fast and efficient leak repair and detection in Chino Hills

    Chino Hills is yet another location that we are proud to serve. Our professional plumbing services in Chino Hills include expert residential leak detection and leak repair, as well as specialized residential slab leak detection and leak repair in Chino Hills

    We serve these Chino Hills areas: 91708, 91709, 91765, 92880, 92887.

  • The go-to place for leak detection and repair in Chino

    Is a suspected leak or slab leak giving you a headache? Schedule a visit from our Chino plumbing experts. Our competent plumbers will closely examine the issue and perform expert leak repair in Chino, doing their best to spare you any further ordeal, costs, loss of property and damage.

    If you’re in or around these areas, reach out to us: 91708, 91710, 92880.

Put your plumbing in competent hands

A leak can have dangerous and lasting consequences and end up destroying your property and belongings. Water damage and its own long-term effects can even be detrimental to your health. In other words, taking care of a leak in your home requires a fast response and an in-depth approach. That’s why we’re here! Contact us today to book your appointment.



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