5 Signs of Underground Water Leaks

How to tell if you have a water leak undergroundSeeing a water leak with your own eyes allows you to react almost instantaneously and reach out to experienced water leak repair professionals to help you resolve the issue and remedy the damage. However, underground water leaks can pose a problem more devious than other, easily perceivable water leaks.

You can know all there is about the potential causes of water leaks, do all you can to prevent water leaks from occurring, and still experience an underground water leak that might not be covered by insurance. That is why you should hire professional leak detection specialists from Corona to inspect your home and prevent more serious water leaks from appearing. However, you still need to pay attention to the following signs of underground leaks and react if you begin noticing any of them.

How to tell if you have a water leak underground?

Becoming aware of an underground water leak can be difficult, as these types of leaks tend to be hidden from plain sight. They require you to become familiar with common telltale signs, and be on the lookout for them. Here are the most common signs of underground leaks:

  • Pressure: Water pressure tends to be a constant, and any severe or frequent fluctuations can indicate a problem with your home’s plumbing. One of these problems can be a serious underground leak.
  • Noise: Unusual noises emanating from within your home’s underground plumbing lines is also something to be mindful of. Dripping or hissing sounds that originate behind walls or beneath your feet could be sounds of water gushing through a burst pipe.
  • Color: Drinking water in your home is supposed to be translucent, and a different color is almost always a sign of a plumbing issue. If you notice that the water in your home is rusty or dirty, it might be because of an underground water leak or another issue.
  • Insects: There are plenty of insects that love and thrive in water and mold. Starting to notice different types of insects appearing around your home might be a manifestation of an underground plumbing problem.
  • Odors: Finally, strange and unpleasant odors can also be an indication of something being wrong with your underground plumbing, especially when coupled with some of the other underground leaks.

What else can I do to detect an underground leak?

Besides paying attention to the abovementioned indication of underground leaks, there’s more you can do to actively inspect your property for potential underground water leaks without access to specialized equipment:

  • Check your water meter on a regular basis to see if there are any fluctuations in the readings that might indicate an underground leak.
  • Inspect your water usage statistic to see if your household is using more water than the average 12,000 gallons per month for a family of four.
  • Continually monitor your water bill, as any sudden increases in your bill indicate that there might be an issue with your underground piping.
  • Toilets can account for 30 percent of usage, so inspect a tank leak by pouring a few drops of food coloring into the tank and checking if the color appears in the bowl.

leak detection company in CoronaWhich leak detection company in Corona can help me find my leak?

If you suspect your home has developed an underground water leak, you should waste no time contacting experienced leak detection and repair experts from OneStop plumbers to help you out. We are Corona’s premium water leak detection and repair company, and you can always count on us to respond swiftly to your request.

It doesn’t matter if your home is located near the Corona Founders Monument, or at another location across Corona and the surrounding area. OneStop Plumbers is here to provide premium leak detection service to establish the location of the leak, and then repair it quickly and efficiently. Reach out to us today!

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