Do Insurance Companies Cover Water Leaks & Damage?

leak repair in coronaWhether or not an insurance company will grant you compensation for a water leak depends on the underlying cause of the water leak in your home, as well as your prior actions toward preventing water leaks from occurring in the first place. Yes, coverage does not only depend on your policy. That is why, at times, claiming homeowners insurance coverage can be a difficult and complicated process.

Sometimes, even knowing about all the signs of an underground water leak cannot help you to react quickly and resolve the problem before more serious issues arise. This prevents you from successfully claiming insurance in select cases. However, that doesn’t mean you should not be familiar with the nuances of water leak insurance coverage before contacting leak repair excerpts in Corona. Let’s see when you can expect compensation, and when you cannot.

Are water leaks covered by insurance?

Not all types of water leaks and resulting property damage are covered by insurance. While some leaks seem to certainly always be covered by homeowners insurance, others are not. Generally, whether or not insurance will accept your claim depends on:

  • The source of the water leak
  • The type of insurance policy you have
  • Whether water leaks are sudden and accidental or gradual
  • Whether there is associated water damage caused by the leak

The biggest problem homeowners have with such a classification is what makes the distinction between gradual water damage and sudden water leaks.

What are sudden and what are gradual leaks?

It is important to understand the difference between a gradual and a sudden

water leak, as it could mean the difference between successfully and unsuccessfully claiming your water damage insurance:

  • Sudden leaks: Sudden leaks and sudden water damage are plumbing issues that happen instantaneously and were usually not caused by the homeowner.
  • Gradual leaks: On the other hand, gradual leaks are those leaks that have persisted for some time. Since these leaks are usually small and slow, they do not cause immediate damage. However, the damage that can result from such leaks not being timely tended to is not something an insurance provider will cover.

What are the types of water damage insurance does and does not cover?

While it is difficult to state with certainty what type of water damage your insurance policy will cover, as policies can differ, there are some common types of water damage that are usually covered by homeowners insurance, and ones that usually are not. Let’s see what they are:

  • Water damage insurance commonly covers:
    • Damage from faulty plumbing, burst plumbing, or frozen plumbing
    • Damage from accidental overflows of fixtures or appliances
    • Damage from snowstorms and rainstorms
    • Damage ensuing after extinguishing a fire
    • Damage to the home’s interior from a leaky roof
  • Water damage insurance doesn’t cover:
    • Damage from flooding
    • Damage from poorly-maintained piping that lead to leaks
    • Damage from sewer or water pipe backups
    • Damage from ground seepage

Are water leaks covered by insurance

Who can help me with leak repair in my property in Corona?

Depending on the underlying cause of your water leak, the insurance will choose to provide or withhold financial coverage for the resulting damage and repair. However, you need to know that OneStop Plumbers is a licensed leak detection and repair company that provides reasonable and transparent pricing for all our services and that we are here to help you with your water leak.

Not only will we identify the source of the leak, but we will also be prompt to provide comprehensive repair services. Whether your home is on the road to Santiago Peak or at another location in Corona and the area, we’re here for any plumbing issues and emergencies you might be experiencing. Contact us today!

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