4 Useful Tips on Preventing Plumbing Emergencies

Why wait for a plumbing emergency to strike and spoil your day when you can take certain precautions to minimize the chances of its occurrence and spare yourself the inconvenience? All you need to do is book a dependable Corona plumbing service and have your trained plumbing professional help you maintain your plumbing system to avoid dealing with emergencies frequently.

Let’s learn what you can do to stop plumbing emergencies before they start:

How do you prevent plumbing emergencies?Be kind to your drains

1. Be kind to your drains

To avoid common household clogs, you should learn what you should never put down the drain and make sure to purchase sink strainers both for your kitchen and bathroom. They are very effective at preventing hair and food from washing down the drain and creating a blockage.

Keep in mind that although certain products are labeled “flushable” or “biodegradable”, you should still be careful and avoid flushing any items that take a long time to dissolve down the toilet. For instance, cotton balls, paper towels, feminine products, coffee grounds, and starchy foods should under no circumstances end up in your drains.

2. Check for leaks

Slab leaks, pinhole leaks, and leaks in the ceiling are just some of the common types of water leaks that you may have to deal with in your home. Keep an eye out for moist or dis-coloring drywall, buckling floors, hot or cold flooring, etc since these are signs of an invisible leak that may be occurring underneath the floor, or behind drywall.

Specialized plumbers with electronic leak detection equipment are able to confirm and locate hidden leaks even if you are not seeing any water present. An easy way to check for visible leaks on plumbing fixtures is to regularly look underneath bathroom and kitchen sink cabinets, and around toilets, water heaters and shut-off valves.

3. Use your garbage disposal carefully

When using your garbage disposal, you should be careful not to toss any food that is too hard or too starchy since it can clog it. The same goes for any non-food items like oil, food packages and similar. Keep in mind that your garbage disposal is built to handle smaller amounts of food and can break down if overloaded.

4. Take care of your water heater

Storage tank waters have an average life span of 8-12 years before they may start leaking internally, or need a costly repair.  To get the most out of your water heater, perform an annual flush to cleanse it of debris that can burn into the tank and cause an internal tank leak, or even travel and lodge inside connections or your plumbing system and block hot water from going to fixtures.

Setting your water heater on vacation mode if you are away from your home for weeks at a time is a great way to preserve its lifespan while reducing utility usage.  Your water heater should also be tested at least annually for thermal expansion. Thermal expansion is preventable but left unnoticed can cause water heater tank ruptures.

If your water heater needs servicing, your trusted plumbing technician will inspect your water heater to determine if it can be repaired or needs to be replaced. In case you need a new water heater, count on your plumber to handle this for you. They will install it, connect it to the plumbing and gas supply, fill it to check for leaks, and secure it against earthquakes.Take care of your water heater

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