Smart Technology in Water Heaters

As an essential appliance in your home, a water heater accounts for about 18% of your overall energy consumption. However, thanks to technological advancements across industries, there are now more energy-efficient options that you can operate even when you’re away from home in Chino Hills, CA. By opting for a reliable service providing water heater installation near you, you can reap many benefits that come with a smart solution. Read on to learn more about smart water heaters and what they can do for you!

What is a smart water heater

What is a smart water heater?

These units are equipped with smart technology that’s used to monitor water temperature in the tank, offering a continuous supply of hot water and optimized energy efficiency through a variety of features. Once linked to your mobile device, it allows you to manage your unit in real time and adjust it to your own preferences. Here are the essential features that give you enhanced comfort and minimized energy consumption:

Temperature control

Love starting your day with a nice hot shower? Did you know that the outlet temperature you set for your unit plays a significant role while you’re adjusting your shower knob? Smart units can use additional technology to ensure that the temperature of the exiting water closely matches the temperature you set. The system will check the temperature multiple times per one second and trigger any necessary adjustments to deliver the required value. 

Operational modes

Whether you’re a morning person and love showering before you start your day or you prefer to take your showers in the evening, smart technology can learn your patterns and adapt the operation accordingly, giving you better performance and enhanced savings. 

However, this also depends on the type of unit. For example, this feature isn’t of high importance for a tankless water heater since it only runs once you open a hot water fixture. On the other hand, when it comes to traditional units that consume energy even when you’re not using hot water, this is an essential factor that can significantly reduce energy waste. 

Safety alerts

While gas-driven units burn fuel, electrical units heat up a resistance coil to high temperatures to provide you with hot water. However, without proper precaution, these processes can pose certain safety risks such as fires or toxic exhaust gas backflow. When equipped with smart technology, the system can recognize potential problems and send alerts when your unit is at risk of a safety hazard. 

For instance, in case a vital part is damaged or the unit wasn’t installed properly, a safety alert can prevent further damage and help you keep your home safe. 

Life tracking

Smart tracking helps you plan maintenance and avoid unpleasant surprises by providing you with predictions of the unit’s remaining life and whether certain parts need to be replaced or fixed soon. This way you can ensure a smooth operation of your unit, making sure you never have to experience limited access to hot water. 

chino hills ca water heater installation near me

Where in Chino Hills, CA can I find a trusted water heater installation near me? 

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