Water Heater Replacement Cost: Comparing Price Quotes

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If you are in need of a water heater replacement, OneStop Plumbers highly recommends you get several water heater price quotes and make sure to compare them closely so that the lowest bid doesn’t end up costing the most once all factors are considered. This includes the water heater’s connecting parts (gas connector, supply lines), manufacturer and installer warranties, old water heater unit haul away and disposal, quality of workmanship, and general liability insurance limits.

While we have seen some water heaters last 15+ years, investing in a new water heater is often required about every 10 years. One of the reasons we publish our water heater prices online is to make it easy on customers to price compare. Most of the time, storage tank water heater replacement is straight forward so accurate all-inclusive prices should be easy for any plumbing company to provide without an on-site visit. When water heater conditions are unusual and/or uncertain, OneStop Plumbers will schedule a free on-site water heater price quote to provide you with your options and costs. While we can provide a range for a tankless unit over the phone, an accurate tankless water heater price quote always requires an on-site visit due to distance, venting and gas line size variables that cause significant price variations. Low water pressure can also be a problem for washing machines old water heaters.

When pricing water heaters, make sure all companies provide or include costs for new water heater supply lines, a water heater gas connector and a drip pan; not just the water heater unit. Also ask if there is an additional charge to haul away and dispose of your old water heater unit. It is not uncommon for OneStop Plumbers to receive a call back from customers who at a glance thought our water heater installation price wasn’t the lowest bid until they realized we provide one upfront all-inclusive water heater replacement price while the price they received from other plumbing companies was merely a quote for the water heater unit and installation. When they added on charges for old part replacement and old tank haul away, OneStop Plumbers by far offers the lowest water heater prices in the industry. Also, of course an unlicensed plumber (handyman) or licensed plumbing company with minimum general liability insurance, may be able to do it for cheaper, but do you really want to take the risks to save a few dollars? We honor competitive pricing from all licensed plumbing companies.

Water Heater Cost:

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