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OneStop Plumbers is the trusted source for water heater installation services in Norco, CA, and surrounding communities. We understand the urgency of having a functioning water heater and strive to provide fast and effective solutions. Our certified technicians perform comprehensive services that come complete with a new water heater, gas flex connector, and two new stainless supply lines, and all that at an affordable upfront price.

Our commitment to providing exceptional service and high-quality products is evident in the brands we offer. Our team is experienced in installing and recommending the best water heaters from Rheem, Noritz Tankless Water Heaters, and Bradford White. We’ll handle the removal and disposal of your old unit, leaving you with a smooth and stress-free experience. In addition, we offer a free assessment to ensure you get the most suitable options for your needs.

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Our water heater installation services in Norco have a distinct edge

Our family-owned business prides itself on its forthrightness, honesty, and reliability when it comes to water heater installation. These core principles are evident in every service we provide, resulting in a seamless and productive experience for our customers. You can rest easy knowing our company always provides:

  • Fair and transparent pricing, with no hidden fees or surprises
  • Experienced and highly skilled technicians who are dedicated to their craft
  • Transparent on-phone price estimates, so you always know what to expect
  • Advanced supplies and cutting-edge technology and tools
  • Same-day scheduling and extended working hours

Our core passion for our work is reflected in the quality of service we deliver. We strive to ensure our clients are fully satisfied with their experience.

Lean on our experienced plumbers

Our company is committed to providing top-notch customer service, which is why we have a rigorous screening process for all our plumbers. We carefully evaluate each candidate’s credentials, experience, and reliability to ensure they can meet our clients’ needs.

We only hire highly qualified plumbers from Norco with extensive experience and a proven track record in water heater installation services. After joining our team, our plumbers are trained to follow our procedures and guidelines, which include:

  • Conducting an on-site inspection to ensure a smooth installation process.
  • Inspecting the new unit upon delivery and removing any damaged parts.
  • Draining and removing the old unit from the site.
  • Installing the new unit and ensuring that it’s level and properly supported.
  • Connecting plumbing and gas lines in accordance with local regulations.
  • Testing the newly installed unit for leaks and efficiency.
  • Securing the unit with earthquake safety straps.
  • Providing clients with manufacturer warranty and installation instructions.
  • Upholding our 1-year workmanship warranty.


Our expert technicians will conduct an exhaustive evaluation to pinpoint the perfect location for your new unit.


We then conduct accurate sizing to ensure a heater of ideal dimensions and a perfect fit for the proposed space in your home.


Our experienced team of professionals will install your unit with precision and according to the manufacturer’s guidelines.


We'll thoroughly test the unit to guarantee a secure and effective system performance and long-term energy efficiency.

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Get the most out of your new water heater installation with our help

Hiring knowledgeable and skilled professionals equipped with the necessary tools can make a significant difference in water heater installation in Norco. With our team’s years of experience in this field, we can install a wide range of heaters with precision and attention to detail, following the manufacturer’s instructions. We provide reliable a wide array of tasks you can count on, including:

  • Helping you choose the appropriate water heater size for your home
  • A meticulous installation process that maximizes your safety
  • Ensuring that your water heater operates at its best capacity
  • Our service provides energy efficiency to reduce your bills
  • Ensuring that your water heater is long-lasting and durable
  • Expertise in dealing with and preventing any malfunctions

Whether you require emergency repairs or regular maintenance, we provide reliable and hassle-free service.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I need a water heater replacement?

While some issues in your Norco home can be fixed with simple maintenance or repairs, certain signs may indicate that it’s time for a new water heater installation. If you notice any of the following, it’s a good indicator that you’ll need to replace it:

  • Your water heater is over 10 years old
  • You hear strange noises coming from the unit or tank
  • Rust in the tank
  • Leaks coming from the unit or the pressure relief valve
  • Your water heater is no longer producing hot water
  • Your energy bills have suddenly increased
  • You notice any cracks or bulging in the tank

Where is the best place to install a water heater?

The best place for water heater installation is in an area with easy access for maintenance and repair, as well as plenty of room for air to circulate and the heater to operate. In addition, it should be located close to plumbing fixtures that require hot water while also being out of the way of significant foot traffic.

How long will it take a professional to install a new water heater?

Water heater installation in Norco varies depending on the level of difficulty and complexity of the project, and can take a few hours to an entire day. It’s essential to remember that this type of work requires extensive knowledge, experience, and proficiency. To guarantee a timely and safe job, it’s best to reach out to an experienced and knowledgeable professional.

What can damage a water heater?

Water heaters can be damaged by several factors, including corrosion, sediment buildup, mineral deposits, or even physical damage. Corrosion can occur when the metal surface of the heater deteriorates due to contact with oxygen and other elements, while sediment buildup is caused by minerals and other materials that accumulate over time. Physical damage can be caused by heavy objects falling on the tank or other forms of impact. In addition, improper water heater installation or maintenance can also damage the unit.

Who are the leading water heater installation professionals in Norco & the region?

When you need reliable and efficient water heater installation, OneStop Plumbers has got your back. Our industry-leading technicians are always ready to provide top-notch service, ensuring all of your plumbing needs can be addressed with ease. In addition, we service other nearby areas if you need an in-depth diagnosis and water heater installation in Yorba Linda or swift and dependable installation services in Anaheim, our seasoned pros are at your service.

Whether your property is located near Norco College or closer to Pikes Peak Park, contact us today and let us take care of your problem!

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