4 Considerations When Choosing a Shower Head

Considerations-When-Choosing-a-Shower-HeadChoosing a shower head might seem easy in the beginning. After all, what else is there except the style and the design of the shower head you wish to install in your bathroom. However, there’s a lot more to purchasing the right shower head for your bathroom than just the looks. Take the time to explore some important considerations of choosing a shower head and ensure you’re making the right choice before hiring a plumbing service in Yorba Linda to install it.

What are the types of shower heads?

One of the most interesting aspects of choosing a shower head is picking its design. However, before you get into this you need to consider the different types of shower heads that exists and choose the type that suits your bathroom and your needs most:


If you’re operating on a tight budget and you’d want a relatively simple and inexpensive update to your current bathroom, a wall-mounted shower head might be a suitable choice. All you need to do is purchase a new one, unscrew the old one, and replace it. Just make sure not to break the arm of the shower.


Some people prefer handheld shower heads due to the enhanced control and reach the three-to-six foot hose provides. What’s more, these types of shower heads are very useful if you have to shower your pets or kids, making this the most practical solution.


Another name for these shower heads is rain showers and they represent one of the more modern solutions. They’re a relaxing fixture that sends a sensation of rain over you in the shower, making them a rather popular choice in the majority of modern homes.

However, the installation of this shower is complicated, as it requires various plumbing upgrades and plenty of experience and expertise to perform.

Body spray

Finally, the most complicated type of shower head, or we’d better say heads. This solution consists of multiple nozzles positioned in vertical rows on adjacent or opposite shower walls and serve to provide a criss-crossing pattern of water from head to toe.

How do I choose the right shower head?

Once you’ve chosen a single type of shower head to install in your bathroom, it’s time to move on to other important considerations. Make sure you choose the one that fits all your requirements across the following important categories:

Water pressure

The first consideration you have to make is the amount of water pressure you want coming from your shower head. The more pressure the more water your shower will consume, so it’s best to find middle ground between your desired pressure and water consumption, especially knowing that this is the third-largest water-using appliance in your household.

Spray pattern

Spray pattern is also an important consideration, as it will largely determine the pleasure you receive from showering. Some of the most common patterns are:

  • Wide
  • Pulsating
  • Rinse
  • Targeted

Water consumption

If you’re looking to minimize water consumption when using your shower, it might be a good idea to choose a water-saving shower head. This will give you the biggest part of the water pressure you’re looking for while helping you save a lot of water in the process.


Finally, make sure to choose a shower head that fits the overall aesthetic of your entire bathroom as well as your shower itself. While not the most vital of considerations, you still want to make sure your brand-new shower head fits right in.

What-are-the-types-of-shower-headsWhich plumbing service providers in Yorba Linda can install my new shower head?

Carefully choosing which type of shower head to purchase for your bathroom is an essential consideration, just as important as choosing the right faucet for your requirements. For some homeowners it’s a good idea to purchase a water-efficient faucet or shower head, while others enjoy traditional fixtures. If you’re struggling to find inspiration, you can always explore the history of the shower head and maybe an idea will dawn on you.

If you’re unable to reach a decision, you can always turn to OneStop Plumbers for advice. We’re the leading professionals in Yorba Linda and we’ll help you choose the right shower head for your bathroom. From there, we’ll come to your home, be it near Carbon Canyon Regional Park or another location to install it per best industry practice and manufacturer’s recommendations. Reach out to us today and tell us how we can help you!

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