8 Interesting Facts About Plumbing (You Probably Didn’t Know)

What are some interesting plumbing factsMost people observe plumbing through pipes, faucets, and sinks and only start to think about their home plumbing in case a drip, leak, or another problem occurs. However, plumbing also has an interesting history and many other entertaining facts you never knew about. There’s more to plumbing companies in Norco than just the turn of the wrench.

What are some interesting plumbing facts?

We all look at plumbing systems as just something that grants us water in our homes and all the conveniences that brings. Once you delve a bit deeper, though, there’s a lot more to learn about plumbing than just how to replace a leaky faucet. Here are 8 most amazing plumbing facts:

The origin

Contrary to popular belief, Romans were not the first to have a plumbing system. The remains of the oldest plumbing system were discovered in the Indus River Valley, the ruins of the old city in India. This system dates back to 4000 BCE. 

Also, there’s evidence of ancient Egyptians having indoor plumbing 2500 years BCE. This plumbing seems to have implemented copper piping, similar to the one we have today. Although Romans remain the oldest civilization with the most advanced plumbing technology, they were nowhere near the first ones. 

The first underground sewer system in the United States

The first proper underground sewer system in the United States was in Chicago. The residents of this city were very angry with all the nasty smells from the open sewer, which led to the construction of the first underground sewer system in 1758. 

Where the word “plumber” comes from

This word has its origins all the way back in ancient Rome. The original term was the Lating word “plumbum”, meaning lead. Those Romans who used to work with lead had the title of “plumbarius”, which got shortened to the modern variety of the word we use now. 

The invention of the toilet

The first flush toilet in the world is the invention of Sir John Harington, and it happened in 1596. He constructed a flush valve that used a tank to pour water into the toilet bowl. However, this invention was not popular at the time, and people opted to keep using chamber pots. 

The person who managed to popularize the flushing toilet is Thomas Crapper, who modernized the invention by including a siphon system and successfully marketed the invention. However, the colloquial term for toilet, “John”, by its original inventor, remains to this day. 

Einstein was crazy about plumbing

You probably had no idea that Albert Einstein was an honorary member of the Washington’s Plumbers and Steamfitters Union. Einstein was famously quoted as saying that if he were to choose his life calling again, that he would not like to become a scholar or a scientist, but rather a plumber. 

The world’s most luxurious toilet

Most people believe that the most expensive toilet of all times must be covered in gold and jewels, like the famous Hang Fung toilet. Actually, the world’s most expensive toilet is the one found on the ISS, or the International Space Station. It cost a whopping $19 million dollars to design and build, and it can even convert waste into drinking water. 

The most famous plumber in the world

If you thought there were no well-known, superstar plumbers in the world, you’d be wrong. The two most famous plumbers in the world are brothers, and they’re called Mario and Luigi. These are titular characters from the original NES game Super Mario Bros. and they have been featured in a multitude of other games and a Hollywood live-action movie, making them one of the most famous video game characters of all time. 

Two types of plungers

Most people don’t know that there are actually two different types of plungers – one for the shower, and one for the toilet. The shower/sink plunger is flat at the bottom, while the toilet plunger is narrower at the bottom. 

Who offers the most comprehensive plumbing services in NorcoWho offers the most comprehensive plumbing services in Norco?

The world of plumbing probably seems a lot more interesting than you thought now. However, delving deeper into plumbing can also yield some pretty interesting results. For example, there are many DIY mistakes home plumbing enthusiasts make that you should avoid, and there are great money-saving methods for your home plumbing system. Also, you might want to take a closer look at some of the most amazing plumbing secrets you had no idea about.

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