6 Tell-tale Signs You Need To Replace Your Water Heater

How do you know when to replace a water heater

A reliable water heater is essential for everyday household activities, such as showering, washing dishes, and doing laundry. However, like any appliance, they wear out over time and require replacement. Upgrading at the right time can save you from the inconvenience of unexpected breakdowns and protect you from potential water damage.

But how do you know when it’s time to say goodbye? Well, you’re in luck, as we’re about to reveal some of the most common signs that will help you identify the need for a water heater replacement for your home in Riverside.

How do you know when to replace a water heater?

Here are a few things to keep in mind if you’re not sure whether or not to search for new tank water:

1. Water heater age

The average lifespan of a traditional tank water heater is about 8 to 12 years, while tankless models can last up to 20 years with proper maintenance. Once it reaches or exceeds its expected lifespan, it’s a good idea to start considering a replacement to avoid sudden malfunctions or leaks.

2. Frequent repairs

Investing in a new unit may be more cost-effective than constantly contacting a technician. Frequent repairs not only add up in cost but also indicate that your water heater may be reaching the end of its useful life.

3. Rust & corrosion

Rust and corrosion on the tank or connections can be a sign that the water heater is failing. As soon as you notice rusty water coming from the hot water tap or visible rust on the tank’s exterior, it’s time to start thinking about a replacement. Keep in mind that a corroded tank can eventually lead to leaks and water damage.

4. Reduced efficiency

As water heaters age, they become less energy-efficient and less capable of providing hot water to your household. If you notice that your hot water supply runs out quickly or takes longer to heat up, it could be a sign that your water heater is nearing the end of its life.

5. Unusual noises

Strange noises, such as rumbling, popping, or cracking sounds usually indicate a buildup of sediment in the tank. Over time, this sediment hardens and can cause the unit to work harder, leading to reduced efficiency and potential damage to the tank. While flushing the tank can help in some cases, persistent noises may signal it’s time to replace it.

6. Leaking tank

A leaking water heater tank is a clear sign that it’s time to upgrade. Whenever there is a leak, it can lead to water damage and mold growth, which is why it needs to be addressed right away. If you notice water pooling around the base of your water heater, contact a professional to assess the situation and determine the best course of action.

Who can perform professional water heater replacement in Riverside?

water heater installation riversideTrying to decide which water heater is right for your home? Not sure how to size it properly? No worries, with OneStop Plumbers, you’ll know what to avoid when choosing a new unit for your home and what features to look for.

However, if you want your heater to perform optimally, get a professional to install it. Our team of seasoned technicians will provide you with swift and efficient services and carry out the job in accordance with the industry’s best practices.

It doesn’t matter if your home is close to the Riverside Art Museum or anywhere else in the area, we can help. We offer a full range of services, including installation, maintenance, repair, and replacement of tankless heaters. Give us a call and we’ll handle the rest!

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