You Won’t Believe What Plumbers Find in Shower Drains

No joke, a similar friend could be in your shower drain right now!

A beautiful, clean shower above the surface doesn’t always mean a beautiful, clean shower below the surface. And while what you cannot see or smell may not bother you, eventually your shower will drain slowly and begin to back up when the shower is ran.

With a few common tools found in every home, you may be able to DIY your shower drain issue in as few as 10 minutes. Yep, that’s right, no chemicals and to need to call a plumber – although we think plumbers are great

Steps to Clear a Slow Draining Shower:

1. Grab a screwdriver, a stiff wire or coat hanger, and a trash bag

2. Make a hook at the end of the wire or coat hanger

3. Remove the drain stopper

4. Stick the wire hanger down the drain and fish the clog out by slowing moving the hanger in a circular motion.

5. If hair and gunk is wrapped around the crossbars, use a utility knife to cut it while grabbing it with the wire

6. After the hair clog has been removed and while the drain is open, pour a few gallons of boiling hot water down the drain.

7. Replace the drain stopper

We hope you found this Plumbing Tip helpful.

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