Is It Time to Replace Your Plumbing?

Another plumbing emergency!? Oh, no, not again! If you are experiencing frequent leaks and similar emergencies, hire a qualified plumber and get the damaged parts of your plumbing system replaced.

Once you’ve chosen your trusted plumbing professional, you can have them inspect your plumbing system to estimate its condition, and advise you on how to foresee and prevent an emergency. Here is what you should know about your plumbing to be able to discern if it is time to replace it:

How often should plumbing be replaced?How often should plumbing be replaced

If you want to make sure that another plumbing emergency won’t happen out of the blue and turn your life upside down, you need to have your plumbing frequently examined and be aware of the materials it is made of.

Here are a few questions that every responsible homeowner should ask themselves from time to time:

Is it time to have my supply and drain pipes replaced?

There are two main types of pipes in every home:

  1. Drain pipes serve to carry water away from drains and are not pressurized.
  2. Supply pipes bring water into your home and are constantly under pressure, which is the reason why their lifespan is in general shorter than the lifespan of drain pipes.

How long your pipes will last cannot be determined with certainty. If your home is old, your water lines have likely gotten damaged over time, most often as a consequence of changing weather conditions and spreading tree roots. However, the materials that they are made of also play a crucial role in determining their lifespan.

Copper pipes are commonly used for water supply lines (both hot and cold water distribution) because they are long-lasting with an average lifespan of about 50 years. In comparison to galvanized steel or polybutylene pipes, copper pipes are more resistant to corrosion. However, as they age, pinhole leaks may start appearing. These pinhole leaks can be repaired by either cutting out the section of pipe with the pinhole and soldering new pipe, or, if the pinhole is on a pipe that is under the floor (commonly referred to as a slab leak), most homeowners choose to abandon the entire line underground and then re-route a new single water line above ground through the walls, attic and ceiling.  Most re-routes are performed using PEX Pipe.

Today, PEX (Cross-linked polyethylene) pipe is a common alternative for pressurized water lines indoors and is often found in residences built after 2000. PEX is known for its long-term durability and easy installation; because it is made from flexible material it is easier to maneuver than a rigid pipe.

How to tell if my plumbing is bad?

Knowing how old your pipes are is extremely important. However, you should also pay attention to the potential signs which can tell you that it’s time to call your plumber:

  1. Decreased water pressure
  2. Discolored water
  3. Visible Water leaks
  4. Corrosion
  5. Clogged pipes

Should I have plumbing fixtures in my home upgraded?

There is no strict rule about how often you should have your fixtures replaced. However, there are several good indicators that will tell you if it’s time to have them upgraded:

  1. Leaking
  2. Corrosion
  3. Strange noises
  4. Structural defects

If you notice any of this, consider investing in newer models. They can even help you increase water efficiency in your home and reduce your water bills.

Where can I find a reliable Riverside plumberShould I replace my water heater?

If you’ve had a traditional water heater for more than 10 years, you might want to consider replacing it before it suddenly stops working or even worse, develops a tank rupture or leak. Many homeowners are choosing to install tankless units because they save space, use less energy consumption, and provide continuous hot water.

When to replace my hose bib?

If you have noticed that your hose bibs are rusty, don’t wait long before you contact your plumber. Another common issue can be that the hose bib is dripping when turned off. This mostly happens when a small rubber washer at the end of the valve stem wears out and cannot provide an airtight seal anymore. This may lead to huge water waste and may even require the entire water supply to the house to be shut-off until a professional plumber is available to repair.

Where can I find a reliable Riverside plumber in the area?

If you don’t want another plumbing emergency to prevent you from spending a pleasant weekend with your family, or even visiting the picturesque Fairmount Park, contact OneStop Plumbers. Our licensed professionals specialize in different types of plumbing issues and always strive to provide the highest standard of service.

What’s more, our team adheres to safety standards, so you will have nothing to worry about. If you have any questions or worries about your plumbing, feel free to contact us today.

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