Signs You Need to Replace Your Plumbing

There is nothing worse than an unforeseen plumbing emergency that can turn a perfectly pleasant afternoon into a true nightmare in just a few seconds. Since even a small leak can cause extensive damage to your property, do your best to keep your plumbing in good condition and have your reliable local plumbing company replace it when it becomes of age.How often should plumbing be replaced

If you live in Riverside or the area, check out the plumbing services near you and choose a trustworthy plumbing company. Experienced professionals will inspect your property and advise you on how often you should have your plumbing replaced, as well as teach you how to recognize a plumbing emergency before it escalates and ruins your property.

Having heard all this, you’re probably wondering if you should get your plumbing replaced soon. Let’s figure this out together!

How do I know if my plumbing is bad?

Common plumbing issues like drain clogs, dripping fixtures, and leaky pipes are never fun to deal with. Unfortunately, no plumbing can last forever, and sooner or later it will need to be repaired, replaced or upgraded. Here are the signs that you should be on the lookout for since they are good indicators of worn out and faulty plumbing:

  • Red, orange or yellow water is one of the most obvious signs that you should have your plumbing system inspected. Most likely, your water heater or pipes are old and have started to rust. Another possibility is that copper or brass has gotten into the water through faulty plumbing fittings.
  • Leaky pipes are a common issue that the majority of homeowners have to deal with from time to time. When this happens, it’s crucial to act quickly. Make sure not to disregard even the tiniest leakage since it can easily escalate and damage your home. Scheduling a thorough check-up from time to time is the best way to keep an eye on your pipes and have them replaced at the right time.
  •  Low water pressure throughout the entire house may be a sign of debris in your water line, an invisible leak, or even a malfunctioning water pressure regulator. This is particularly common for iron plumbing since it corrodes quickly and can get clogged due to the accumulated rust. Another culprit behind a weak water flow may be a faulty water heater or a clog in the main supply line. Low water pressure at a single fixture such as a shower indicates a clogged showerhead, or cartridge.
  • Dripping faucets can mean several things. Your plumbing system is either damaged somewhere, or the water pressure is too high. Most faucets have cartridges and washer seals that sit under the handle and between the valves that bring water to the fixture.  It is very common for cartridges and seals to wear over time and need to be replaced as a normal course of plumbing maintenance. Additionally, many residential plumbing fixtures including faucets, do not hold up well when water going through the pipes exceeds 75psi. Excessive pressure can cause water to escape at connections, fittings, valves and faucets.
  • Mold. If you notice that your bathroom ceiling or walls have blackish grey spots, you may have a slow plumbing leak on the other side. If this is the case, think on your feet and contact your plumber immediately. Not only will mold spoil the interior of your bathroom but inhaling its spores can be extremely dangerous and harm your health.

How often should plumbing be replaced?

Nothing lasts forever, including your plumbing system. Its life span may not be precisely predicted, but the material your plumbing is made of has a significant role in determining its longevity. Today, copper and plastic pipes are predominantly used for pressurized water lines because they have been shown to last longer than those made of older materials. ABS is used to replace old cast iron drain lines since cast iron rust and crumbles.

However, even if your home has the pipes made of these materials, it doesn’t mean that they will last indefinitely. For instance, one of the most common issues affecting copper piping is pinhole leaks. They are caused by corrosion that eats through the pipe from the inside to the outside of it. Even though the leaks are quite small, they can gradually lead to significant water waste and even pipe ruptures.

When it comes to traditional water heater replacement, you shouldn’t wait longer than 10 years to buy a new one. Tankless units may last longer and often have a 12 year limited warranty on their heat exchangers. Of course, none of this should be taken as a rule, and you should make sure to schedule regular check-ups and keep your plumbing well-maintained. How do I know if my plumbing is bad

Looking for quality plumbing services in Riverside and the area?

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