10 Worst Plumbing Habits

There are harmful things you might be doing to your plumbing every day, but you’re probably not aware of. For example, perhaps you’ve unwittingly caused your toilet to become clogged or running. But that’s OK, you didn’t know.

With so many plumbing myths out there, and so little truly qualified plumbers to ask for advice, it’s no wonder there are some bad plumbing habits. So, let’s see what might be causing the need to frequently hire reliable plumbing services in Eastvale. 

What are the worst plumbing habits to avoid?

plumbing services eastvaleThe most sinister thing about poor plumbing habits is that they’re so widespread you probably have no idea they’re hurting your plumbing. Here are the 10 worst plumbing habits you should change immediately if you want to see your plumbing in tip-top shape.

  • Liquid drain cleaners

When you notice a clogged drain, your first instinct is probably to resort to a liquid drain cleaner. This is a quick fix used by many, but one you should refrain from using. These products contain plenty of harsh chemicals that can easily cause cracks in your piping by generating plenty of heat, or by reacting with corrosion. Instead, contact your plumber for assistance to clear the clog with equipment specifically designed for sewer lines.

  • Flushing various items

While it can seem rather convenient to flush kitty litter, wet wipes, or various hygiene products down your toilet, you should definitely never ever do this again. Even though some products come with the label “flushable”, an experienced plumber will tell you that “flushable” products are often the source of the clog.  Therefore, you should stop throwing anything other than toilet paper in your toilet right away.

  • Being a DIY plumber

No matter how small a plumbing issue may seem, always take measures to avoid risks when handling plumbing issues on your own. If you run into an issue while attempting the plumbing repair, a professional plumber is just a phone call away. Don’t risk making potentially disastrous mistakes such as joining different pipes together, or over-tightening connections that could cause a flood once the water is turned back on. While we commend homeowners who take on DIY plumbing projects, sometimes it is better to be safe with a professional.

  • Pouring grease

Although the negative consequences of pouring grease down your drain are not immediately visible, the sizzling grease you send into your piping will build up and eventually coat your pipes, causing a large clog over time. Flushing out a grease filled drain line blockage takes a special machine called a hydrojet and is much more expensive than the typical rooter snake service.  The unpredictability of when the drain line will become completely clogged is something most homeowners definitely want to avoid.

  • Drop-in fresheners

Drop-in fresheners that go directly in your tank seem like a great way to freshen up your bowl after every flush. But, these fresheners can cause significant damage to the insides of your tank, causing the washers and gaskets to corrode, and they can also jam your flush valve, causing your toilet to run.

  • Hair down the drain

Hair seems harmful enough, but it can easily stick to the various soap deposits that are present in your pipes, and start creating a clog. The thick hair fibres are able to create quite a big clog over time, so you should definitely use a drain basket and dispose of hairs elsewhere.

  • Old dishwasher and washing machine hoses

The usual lifespan of a dishwasher or a washing machine hose is about five years. From there on out, they will start showing signs of age, until they eventually burst, causing a large plumbing problem. It’s best to contact your local reliable plumber to replace these hoses once every five years.

  • Potato skins in garbage disposals

While potato skins do not seem all that potentially harmful to your plumbing system, they are. They can end up creating a starchy clog that can be a pain to get rid of. Never use your garbage disposal for potato skins, and dispose of them elsewhere.

  • No freezing precautions

You need to have an experienced plumber come to your home and prepare your plumbing for the chilly season. If you don’t contact a professional to adequately insulte your piping, you risk your pipes expanding and bursting in the winter. 

What are the worst plumbing habits to avoid

  • Connected hoses during winter

When winter comes, you should make sure you disconnect your garden hose and turn off water to all your exterior faucets. If you forget to do this, the hose can freeze and cause cracks in the piping, which can cause many leaks in your home.

Who offers the finest plumbing services in all of Eastvale, CA?

If you’ve developed some of these poor plumbing habits, don’t let yourself get down, as there is always quality assistance to be found. All you need to do is contact OneStop Plumbers – the leading plumbing company in Eastvale.

We are here to help you out with all plumbing issues that may have arisen in your home. We use only the most modern technology to detect the problems, and our extensive know-how to get rid of them. It doesn’t matter if you’re near Riverwalk Park, or anywhere else in Eastvale. We’re here for you. Contact us today.

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