10 Common Toilet Problems & Solutions, Pt. 2

How do I fix frequent toilet issuesIf you’re having troubles with your toilet, it’s good to know that you can tend to some on your own. While there are serious issues that require assistance from a plumber, there are some  common repairs that can be simple and perfect for a DIY homeowner.

Knowing that you can always rely on your trustworthy plumbing company in Corona for prompt toilet repair, there’s little to be concerned about. For those that want to attempt to repair themselves, take a look at these common malfunctions you can usually take care of yourself.

How do I fix frequent toilet issues?

In our previous post, we discussed five out of ten common problems, and now you can discover the rest of them and complete your collection of DIY solutions.

Low water level

When the water level inside the bowl is not high enough, or it doesn’t fill at all, there are 3 possible reasons for that, each of them requiring a different solution:

  • Damaged or disconnected fill tube. Fill tube is connected to the overflow tube. Over time, it can unclip and supply the water too quickly, resulting in the valve shutting it off before it fills adequately. You can try reaffixing the tube, but if it’s damaged, you’ll need to replace it.
  • Cracked bowl. When the bowl is cracked, this will result not only in low water levels, but also in eventual structural damage if left unattended long enough. Unfortunately, a cracked bowl can’t be fixed, and you’ll need to contact your plumber to replace it.
  • Damaged fill valve. When the fill valve in the tank is out of alignment or worn out, it may result in the low water level in the bowl. Check the valve to see if you can tighten it, but if you notice any damage on it, you’ll need to replace it.

Refilling on its own

The sound of refilling may occur intermittently throughout the day, and if you don’t see any water around the bowl, then there’s an internal leak you need to deal with.

You can check the refill tube and see if it’s installed properly, or check if the flapper is damaged and needs to be replaced. If none of these work, you should reach out to your plumber.

Sweaty tank

A sweaty tank is the usual issue in high humidity areas, and there are two possible solutions. You can opt for an insulated toilet tank that prevents condensation, or make sure your HVAC is functioning properly.

Bubbly bowl

When you notice air bubbles rising in the bowl when you haven’t flushed, this means that either the toilet or the vent is blocked. We addressed a clogged toilet in the previous post, and if your vent is blocked, you can use a plumbing snake to unblock it. However, if this doesn’t work, you’ll need to contact your plumber.

Rusty hinge screws

The reason for rusty screws is obvious, but there’s a way to prevent this by applying a layer of clear nail polish onto the heads. If you’re already facing this problem, applying some caulk can resolve it.

Where in Corona can I find a reliable plumbing company for toilet repair?

toilet repair in Corona caWhen you’re not sure if there’s anything wrong with your toilet, or you think you need a new one, OneStop Plumbers is the team you need. Our crew is made up of knowledgeable experts who readily follow our stringent quality standards to ensure optimum results and customer satisfaction.

Whether your home is on Grand Boulevard, or in another neighborhood, we’ll be happy to solve your issue. Contact us today!

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