10 Common Toilet Problems & Solutions, Pt. 1

toilet repair in CoronaIf you have a two-piece toilet, there are two major components that make up the toilet at your home – the porcelain bowl unit resting on the floor and the tank above it that holds the water and releases it every time you flush. The bowl doesn’t have any moving parts, but the tank includes two key valves and the flush handle, which is why most troubles occur here.

While you can easily reach out to the specialists in toilet repair at one of the reliable companies in Corona, you can also try tackling some simple problems on your own. In any case, it’s good to be aware of the most common issues and how you can deal with them. Read on.

What are the most common problems with toilets?

While there are a couple of tank types, all of them work based on the same principles. However, certain issues do occur in the bowl as well. Here’s a list of the most usual toilet problems and their solutions:


A clog can be full or partial, and it prevents water from flowing properly or at all. This happens when you try flushing things that aren’t biodegradable such as wipes, paper towels, or even toys. You can prevent a clog by disposing of such items with other trash.

To remove a clog, a plunger will do just fine. In case an object is lodged in the siphon, a flange plunger can pull it out. It’s important to use a plunger of proper size to avoid splashing and gain enough suction.


It may happen that water from the tank leaks back into the bowl which is not easily detectable, yet it may result in losing gallons of water over the year. You can check this by putting a bit of food color into the tank. If it’s leaking, you’ll see the same color in the bowl. Another similar issue is when the water level rises above the overflow tube.

There are a couple of causes and solutions to this problem:

  • If the flapper isn’t tight, tighten it up.
  • If there’s a cracked valve or a failed gasket, you’ll need to replace them.
  • In case of overflowing, ensure that the valve is tight and firmly into place.

Whistling tank

Loud and whistling sound indicates a faulty fill valve. It deteriorates over time and also leads to increased water usage. The solution to this problem is obvious – simply replace the old fill valve with a new one.

Sluggish flush

If your toilet is sluggish, there are two possible causes. You either have a blocked drainfield, or a clogged drain. We have already addressed the issue of clogging, and in case of a blocked drainfield, you can use a commercial product to clean it, then continue using maintenance products to prevent it from happening in the future.

Wobbly bowl

If your bowl rocks to and fro, it requires immediate attention to prevent further damage. You can try tightening the flange bolts, just make sure you don’t make them too tight since it could result in breaking the porcelain. Another solution is to shim the toilet under the base. Try shims of different sizes and test different locations to make sure it fits perfectly.

Where can I hire experts in toilet repair in Corona, CA & the area?

What are the most common problems with toiletsWhether you’re not sure if your toilet needs repairing, or you’re wondering if it’s necessary to replace it, reach out to OneStop Plumbers. Our experienced technicians follow a thorough approach that includes detailed inspections and assessment.

We make sure you receive the prompt and reliable service you need. Whether you live close to the Santana Regional Park, or any other nearby area, our team will be there to help. Give us a call now!

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