5 Signs You Need to Repair Your Toilet

As an essential part of your household, the toilet is one of the most important pieces of your plumbing system and when it malfunctions, it becomes a large inconvenience and disrupts your everyday life. However, it’s possible to spot some indicators of potential problems that can help prevent bigger issues.

Reputable companies that provide toilet repair services in Corona and the surrounding areas are there to promptly assist you in regular maintenance and emergencies, but it’s important to know when to call them. Keep reading to learn more about the signs your toilet needs repair

When should I repair my toilet?

Preventing unpleasant situations that leave your toilet inoperable for a substantial amount of time is possible if you’re able to recognize when it needs tending to. Take a look at these 5 signs telling you it’s time to call the plumber:

Gurgling and suction noises 

Any suction or gurgling noises that occur in other fixtures such as the shower or the sink when you flush can indicate that the drain vents are blocked. When this happens, sewer gasses in your septic system can’t find their way through the vents, so they go through your other fixtures creating these gurgling noises. 

Frequent clogging

Clogging is one of the common issues that’s easy to fix by using a plunger. However, if it happens more than once a week, there could be a faulty part or even a severe blockage in the plumbing, which requires assistance from professional plumbers.

Malfunctioning flushing

If your toilet doesn’t flush properly or you need to flush several times, it’s a sure sign there’s a problem with the mechanism that regulates flushing. If you leave it unattended, it results in water wasting. Faulty flushing also indicates other problems such as low water pressure and clogged water jets. 

When, on the other hand, water doesn’t stop running from the tank into the bowl after flushing, it means that the flapper valve doesn’t seal properly. While you can resolve this temporarily by readjusting the valve, it’s highly probable that it will occur again, at which point you’ll need to replace the part.

Rusty parts

Take your time every couple of months to check the metal components of your toilet. When you’re able to spot corrosion or rust, it’s a sign that the parts are worn out and you’ll need to replace them. If any rust, wear, or corrosion spreads across multiple parts, it means you should think about toilet replacement.

When should I repair my toilet

Toilet leaks

Leaks require taking action as soon you spot them since they are the most serious signs of a malfunction. Not only do they result in water waste, but they also cause structural damage and the appearance of mold. When you can see that water is forming around the base of the toilet, it means that the seal is broken, and you should replace it right away. It’s also important to check for any cracks in the bowl, especially if a heavy object has fallen on it. 

What is the leading company that provides reliable toilet services in Corona?

Whether you’re wondering how to fix some common toilet malfunctions or you’re unsure if it’s time to replace your toilet, OneStop Plumbers is the team you need. As a family-owned business, we’ve been serving our loyal customers across the area for years. Our customer-oriented approach, efficient methods, and top-notch equipment and tools make us stand out from the others. Whether you reside in Downtown District or another nearby community, we’ll be happy to provide assistance and take care of any plumbing issues you might have. Give us a call today!

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