Discover the Most Common Causes of Plumbing Leaks

Running water is important to every household, so when a plumbing emergency strikes that leaves you without running water, it can easily throw your life out of balance. In these situations, you need to be ready to call a water leak detection plumbing company you can rely on for dependable plumbing services in Corona and the area.

The licensed plumbing technicians should have advanced electronic leak detection and infrared camera equipment to check your home for leaks and discover where they are coming from. They should also have vast hands-on experience in dealing with different types of leaks that will enable them to quickly detect and stop the leak in an effort to mitigate extensive damage to your property and restore full water service as soon as possible.

In order to prepare for a water leak emergency, and reduce the chances of plumbing disasters hitting your household in the future, it’s good to understand what causes them in the first place.  What can cause a water leak in the house

What can cause a water leak in the house?

These are some of the possible causes of water leaks in a household that you should pay close attention to:

Broken seals

Most household appliances are connected to the plumbing system, and seals are installed around the water connections; showers, faucets, toilets, washing machines, etc. They serve to keep the water from flowing uncontrollably when you are not using it. However, over time, they may corrode and break due to wear and tear. Most often when this happens, you will notice small pools of water on the floor. If you see water dripping from a shut-off valve, toilet, etc., it is best to contact your plumber immediately to reduce damage to your property as much as possible. Left unattended, the small leak may turn into a bigger issue and cause a burst of water to enter the house.

High Water Pressure

While you may enjoy high water pressure in the shower, when it comes to your plumbing pipes and fixtures, excessive pressure can put a lot of strain on them and cause water leaks. A functioning water pressure regulator will prevent this from happening by keeping pressure regulated at a safe operating range between 50psi-75psi.  Many plumbing fixture manufacturers build their products to work within this safe range. Therefore, it is highly recommended to have your water pressure tested annually, and even sooner if you live in a community that is known to have high city pressure (Typically seen in newer communities). If your pressure exceeds 75psi, attempt to adjust your pressure regulator.  If you do not have a water pressure regulator installed, or yours has stopped working and can no longer be adjusted within the safe range, it is time to call a plumber to have one installed/replaced.


As your plumbing system ages, corrosion may start to appear and eat away at your water pipes. Certain pipe materials are more or less susceptible to rust, corrosion, wear and tear. For instance, copper pipes that are commonly used for pressurized water supply lines are more resistant than galvanized steel or polybutylene pipes.

However, no pipe is 100% rust-proof and pinhole leaks may develop without any visible signs of water loss until the situation causes water damage.  We recommend having your plumbing inspected by trusted professionals annually.

Damaged Pipe Joints (fittings)

Pipes are the weakest at their connections. What’s more, similarly to other parts of a plumbing system, pipe joints may deteriorate over time and start to leak. Since plumbing in walls and in ceilings of homes is not visible, leak detection plumbing technicians use special leak detection equipment and infrared cameras to detect and trace the source of the leaks.

What else?

Here are a few more causes of water leaks that homeowners often encounter:

  1. Running toilets
  2. Harsh weather conditions and rapid temperature changes
  3. Tree root intrusion
  4. Foundation shifts
  5. Loose water connections
  6. Clogged water or sewer lines

How do water leaks happen?

Water leaks are more common than people may think. They happen unexpectedly and can cause severe damage to your property.

Time takes its toll and sooner or later every plumbing system starts deteriorating. This is why everyone should have their pipes inspected by licensed plumbing technicians who know how to recognize the first signs of a potential emergency.

However, you can’t always blame it on time, weather conditions and other circumstances that are out of your control. Leaks can happen because of bad maintenance or poor workmanship as well. For this reason, it’s essential to rely on a qualified plumbing professional instead of attempting to repair the damaged plumbing by yourself.How do water leaks happen

Where can I find the best Corona plumbing services in the town and the area?

Here at OneStop Plumbers, we do our best to cater to our clients’ needs and resolve their plumbing issues promptly. Our crew members use reliable equipment when dealing with a range of common plumbing problems, such as water leaks, clogged drains, leaking faucets, poor water pressure, etc.

We specialize in a variety of plumbing services and always strive to adhere to high safety standards and provide you with quality service at a competitive price. If you have any questions or concerns about your plumbing system, reach out to us today. Don’t let a water leak spoil your otherwise perfectly planned weekend. Instead, go out, take a walk, or watch a soccer game at Santana Regional Park while we set your plumbing straight!

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