How Can I Discover Water Leaks in My Home?

If you’re suspecting that there is a water leak in your household, think on your feet and call your plumber immediately. The skillful and licensed plumbing specialists from Corona, and nearby areas, are familiar with many different types of water leaks in houses and will know how and where to locate the source.

Quick action is crucial to prevent any further damage to your property, so pay close attention to potential signs indicating that you may have a leak by learning more about what causes them in the first place.

Where do you check for water leaks

Before you can fix a leak, you need to find it, and here is where you should look:

Where do you check for water leaks?

Discovering whether you have a leak and where the water is coming from is not that simple, especially if you don’t possess any experience in this field and have no adequate plumbing tools or equipment. Professional plumbers who specialize in leak detections use cutting-edge electronic leak detection and infrared camera equipment designed to measure the specific frequency of leaks and track temperature changes that assist in successfully uncovering their source, both above and underground.

However, even though you’re not a pro, you can still keep an eye on a few spots in your home where leaks often appear:

  • Shower: You should make sure to check your showerhead and bathtub faucet for drips. It has been estimated that a leaky shower can account for up to 500 gallons of water waste annually.
  • Toilet: The leaks usually happen when the toilet flapper wears out, so remember to inspect under the tank lid from time to time. If you hear water long after your toilet has been flushed, this may be a sign of a potential leaking toilet.
  • Kitchen sink: Leaking faucets are major water-wasters, so you should pay close attention to them. Also, remember to check the pipes underneath the sink and search for any water stains and mold that indicate the presence of a leak.
  • Dishwasher and washing machine: After you run them, remember to check if there is any water pooling underneath. Also, you should inspect the connections behind your washer and ensure that there is no water coming from any of the hoses attached to it. Leaks on pressurized valves will appear even when the appliance is not being used.
  • Water heater: Here, you should look for rust, water stains or visible water drips. In case you notice any of this, don’t postpone calling your trusted plumber. This is a serious issue and can lead to extensive water damage if not tackled timely.

Besides inspecting your property for visible water leaks, you should also keep track of some indirect signs that can be obvious indicators of a hidden water leak:

  • Check if the amount of water usage has increased over the last few months.
  • Monitor your water bills closely to uncover any increase in expenditures for no apparent reason.
  • Inspect your home for mold and mildew since they usually appear when an area is affected by water or excess moisture.

Also, don’t forget to check the outside of your home (spigots, irrigation systems, etc) since leaks don’t only happen inside.

What to do if there is a water leak in your home?

Once the leak has been detected, you should rely on your plumber to fix the issue in accordance with local plumbing code processes and materials. They will inspect your property, estimate the situation precisely and act accordingly to make your property leak-free.

No matter how small the leak may be, know where your water shut-off is and have the phone number to a local, reputable plumbing company on hand just in case dealing with it on your own gets out of hand and leads to more devastating consequences. Since most homeowners are not do-it-yourself plumbers, it is suggested that as soon as you notice any signs of a leak in your household, reach out to your local plumbing company and let the professionals do the job for you.What to do if there is a water leak in your home

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